Psychoactive plants worth growing?

Discussion in 'General' started by DCrist721, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Well I'll have a hydro system set up soon, and can't grow weed for a while so I was going to order some salvia cuttings to grow, but has anyone grown or consumed another plant worth growing? I was thinking of hawaiian baby woodrose perhaps, but I've yet to look into how easily it is grown hydroponically. I also looked into growing coca but sources are limited and seem to be mildly expensive, also it isnt very active at lower altitude apparently. Other suggestions?
  2. blue lotus.....not really sure if you can do that with hydro though.
  3. Try opium poppies!
  4. How much do you know about them? What's a rough estimate of the amount of opium I can expect from one seed pod? How many seed pods per plant on average?
  5. hm, salvia is a good call, lemme think of some others...

    lions tail - tastes nasty, but a nice mild high (its better off in a pot though)

    opium poppies - illegal, but you do get a nice chunk of opium in the end

    hawaiian baby woodrose - seeds contain lsa, similar to lsd

    Calea zacatechichi (Dream Herb, Leaf of God) - pretty self explanitory, its a dream potentiator

    Datura - Do your own homework on this one (WARNING UBER POISONOUS)

    Syrian Rue - seeds contain Harmine (a powerful MAOI)

    I have no idea how these will do in a hydro setup, I just gave you some raw info about some psychoactive plants that you may wanna build on. All are legal (even the opium poppy in most cases).
  6. When i was living with the rents i had i garden and it had a bunch of stupid ass flowers, but i had five Poppy plants. They gave me a fair amount of opium every year, about enough for a bowl per poppy bulb.

  7. Opium poppies seem like a likely choice for me, as I do enjoy prescription opiates, and this seems like a less dangerous choice. However, I found this on wikipedia:

    "Papaver somniferum is a species of plant with many sub-groups or varieties. Some of the varieties (such as the Norman and Przemko varieties) have "low morphine" content meaning they have insufficient opium compounds to produce a "high" or to be useful to the drug trade. These "low morphine" varieties are sometimes called "breadseed poppies" or "florist poppies". The DEA considers it legal for gardeners to cultivate these "low morphine" varieties."

    Do you know what variety you had? Or does anyone know high morphine content varieties?

    EDIT: Excessive moisture and watering seems to be a problem with opium poppies, so I guess I wont be trying this until spring unless I decide to deal with the dirt inside.

    I had already ruled out datura before posting this, doesnt seem very pleasant. However, I've heard little about lions tail and dream herb, but after looking into them, I'll probablly try them, especially the dream herb, I used to have lucid dreams when I was on an anti-depressant, but it also gave me a case of ED, plus I didnt think I needed the prescription in the first place, so I stopped that, and I miss lucid dreaming. Thanks
  8. I dont really rememberwhat kind it was, all i can really tell you is that i got the seed at a nursery. And they where great as far as end product... i ended up trading 2 grams of it for an ounce of bud.
  9. Salvia divinorum i grow it. Sorry, im fucking hammered. But yeh, that works nice. Also, shrooms work pretty easliy. How am I typing?
  10. I wonder if those "LEGAL LOW POTENCY" poppies could be grown, with a larger amount of them and then possibly PURIFIED into less, but more potent product...
  11. As far as I know you can get any potency poppy plant. It's not illegal till you slice the bulb.
  12. Well that sounds awfull low risk to me lol

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