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Discussion in 'General' started by KrYsTaL420, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. I have this purple book that I use to write in while I'm high. It had writings of when I was alone, as well as with friends. I went to write in it tonight, and as I am flipping through the books I'm like "wait...where's all the pages?"

    So I go downstairs and I ask my mom:
    me: Where's all the pages in my purple book?
    mom: I don't know
    me: oh ok I guess they just ripped themselves out right?
    mom: why do you want them
    me: because I just do
    *I begin tearing up
    mom: why are they so important to you?
    me: you will never have any idea. Where are they?
    mom: I don't know
    me: If I don't have the pages to my book by tonight I am packing my shit and I will find a place to sleep for the next week. (I'm moving out Monday anyway)
    mom: they are in a fucking garbage bag in your closet.

    So I go back into my room and dumped out the entire garbage bag on my floor, found the pages, uncrumpled them, and taped them back in my book.

    Someone UPS overnight me a nice big joint

    Anyone else have psycho parents like this? Or is it just me?
    Anyone else have documentation of your "drug escapades" as I like to call them?
  2. Yes, I think damn near every does/did.. My parents relaxed after finding my stash(they yelled, I yelled they burned my bud in the BBQ grill I cried inside).. now when they find it they just give me a look and say they are disappointed.

    And I do keep documents of what I do! its in my head, but those pages are fading the more I smoke.


    P.S. the whole next week my hamburgers tasted WAY better!
  3. There is only one thing I'll say about this for now...

    If you don't like the rules, or actions of your parents..... Then move on down the road...

    They can get in a lot more trouble than you, from the actions that YOU take....
  4. haha reminds me of a story...

    there was a period of time last year where I was really stressed. This girl i wanted kept leading me on, and my parents were pissing me off and I couldnt take it. I started smoking cigs. Then one day my mom and I are going at it and I just explode and go into my room for a cig. Then my mom walks in on me and acted like she just saw a ghost. Ive always been a pretty good kid and she never expected me to smoke. She blew up and started kicking me until I told her I was gonna knock her out if she touched me again (I was furious at the time).

    Then about a few days after I got my bong I decided (not exactly the brightest idea) to take some rips in my room while my dad was sleeping in the room nextdoor. I dumped the bong water in the sink (I was naive) and when he woke up, smelt it and assumed I was smoking cigs again. When I told them it was pot they were actually relieved and told me theyd rather me smoke pot than cigs.
  5. i know what u guys are talkin about. i look back and think what a dumbass i was. i was such a shit. i left home at 14 and i was back and forth until i was about 17. i thought i had it soo bad. they sent me for tests to see what kind of drugs i'd had in me. which i mean wasn't that bad nothin hard, but when your the parent u worry(which i now know) my mom read my diary and omg, i was so embarrassed! my little escapades and late nite rendezvous were read by my mother. horrible feeling. idk, it's tuff bein a kid, tuff bein a parent.

  6. how can they get in trouble from what you write in a fuckin book?

  7. It soes depend on whats in it.. Maybe I should have made myself clearer..

    If the journal has incriminating stuff in it, and the parent doesn't take action, then the parent can be held responsible...

    I'll explain better later.. got to go to work!
  8. Ehm.. a parent reading their kid's journal or whatever is one thing (though personally I think that parent has to be pretty low and/or PARANOID as hell), but reading it, tearing it out/up and throwin it away is a far worse thing to do.
  9. i dont think anything justifies reading a journal. i put an entry in mine just saying "if you're reading this, then you have just thrown away the last shard of trust i had in you". then i said that if i was dead, i take that comment back.

    parents usually dont really know what to do, since haven't been practicing or anything. tis like zonedude said. they try. i love 'em for doing so. anyone can be an asshole, even parents

  10. well thank you zonedude!!!!!

    likewise my dear!!!:D

  11. hehe luke (i just spelled that look lol)

    But, i dont think writing shit down is going to be much evidence is it? I could write down a bunch of bullshit lies in a book.
  12. lol i just looked at the date of the original post.

  13. Sorry Bud Head, but you gotta give up on all this 'parents get in more trouble' crap. We're all 18 here anyway. A girl has a jounral she writes in, she's not going to jail because of it. The only thing I could agree on is if an underaged kid is dealing a significant amount of drugs the parents *might* get in trouble, but I doubt it. I knew a girl who dealt with her brothers and she was underage and her house was searched twice by cops and they confiscated a lot of stuff. Her parents didn't get arrested.

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