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  1. Hey fam how many of you like psychill or psybient?? Well I guess I will find out.. but there is not much that beats chillin to some psychill.. most tracks in the genre have just the right amount of trippyness and chillness :smoke: And the best tunes in the genre are.. well... just fucking awesome. Lets talk about anything to do with psychill/psybient and spread the musical love by sharing some tracks.. I hope there is at least a few of you who like this shit or find out about it from this post and like it cause it is good shit :D I'll start by sharing some tunes.

    [ame=]YouTube - Bluetech - Forgiveness[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Shulman - Mushroom Therapy (100th upload!)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Shpongle - Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit[/ame]
  2. I dig me a lot of shpongle. Divine Moments of Truth and A New Way to Say Hooray are my favs.
  3. I can dig it

  4. Yah those tracks are sick
  5. for sure man, all four of those are great artists. bluetech is one of my favorite electronic musicians in general, sooo chill. i have a few more for ya tho

    [ame=]YouTube - Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit (Efflorescence 2006) and some fractals of aramin[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Kuba - Lifes A Beautiful Beach (2007)[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Mental Extentions - Nothing is Solid.wmv[/ame]

  6. Good stuff dude androcell is great I had not heard of the other 2 though so thanks for that I will check out more from em when I get a chance. I will post a couple other songs when my internet stops being fucked but yah bluetech is up there in my favourites for sure always had his albums at the right times haha, Peace.
  7. i cant wait to see Shpongle LIVE and Bluetech at bisco in a couple months
  8. If plane tickets were not so much I would be going to that for sure black moth super rainbow will be there to and.. just got a lot of different shit there that all sounds good. I mostly want to see shpongle though and that alone might make me stop bitching about money and go cause everyone says shpongle is fucking great live. Have you been there before man? Wondering so I know if it is worth it or not and if you have been then how harsh are they on the no illegal drugs?? That is crucial to my decision :smoke:

  9. yeah i went there, and i shit you not, drugs are essnetially legal, just dont bring tanks and ur good...acquiring drugs there is extremely easy, if u cant find drugs at bisco then ur literally retarded, like they are all over the place...within 2 minutes of looking you have found like 5 different drugs

    more than a few times last year i stopped dead in my tracks, where ever i was, and took out the iphone, put some blow on there, lined it up, and railed it, then went back on my you can do whatever there

    i was smoking deemsters in the silend disco at like 6 am last year, great times

    they barely search your car on the way in, they are basically looking for glass (not paraphanelia) weapons, and tanks...if u hide your drugs in a decent spot they def wont find it...there are no UCs or cops in there, the cops are the bikers and they dont give a fuck, just stay away from them and dont bother them then u will be fine

    im getting really fucking excited for bisco gonna know madd fucking people there and the lineup is pretty fucking gonna be at the dance tent like the whole time this year lol

  10. Sounds sick then not sure about the no age limit though.. I doubt there will be any little kids there really but for some reason I can't get the thought out of my head that there would be little kids walking around haha but now that you told me that drugs are good to go there I might have to go... Even ratatat and pretty lights are playing so.. yah for fuck sake I have wanted to see most of the people on the line up for awhile and if I can be high on whatever then.. I am stoked and I dont even know if I am going 3 days of different sounding tunes and a dance tent sounds to awesome to just be tubing,hiking,trippin and drinking beer on the beach (Which is awesome enough but can happen any day) while shpongle is playing live along with other dope music makers a plane ride away from me :hippie:

    You have got me plenty interested in camp bisco now.. did you do the VIP thing last time you went?? and are there hotels beside the place?? fuck it a tent or a motor home is the way to go for smoking freedom :smoke: I still wish it was longer than 3 days though cause after it is done I wont want to hang around in NY thats for sure..
  11. I guess not too many people are into psychill or shit like it... a shame.. peeps these days really should listen to more than just house,dnb or dubstep if everyone did then maybe parties here in Canada would not suck dick 80 percent of the time. Not that those 3 genres are not good but call me crazy I like some variety especially when it comes to parties or clubs.

  12. dude its in upstate NY, its in the middle of fucking nowhere, you can smoke blunts where ever u want dude, dont need to blaze in the car or ur RV or anything, just where ever u want dude, no one cares

    i actually did get VIP last year tho and idk i guess it was worth it, i got it for free just by getting cool with the guards, i didnt actually pay for it, got to watch a couple private VIP sets too...VIP is cool but idk if its really worth thing about VIP is the showers and the bathrooms, no joke...snekaing into VIP is madd easy tho so im probly gonna cneak in just for showers, but ill probly have friends in the VIP anyways

    and theres DEF no little kids at bisco...there is a family section tho cuz u know theres wooks and wookettes who are forced to bring their children there if they wanna go, but i didnt go near that section of the camp ground at all

    i mean u could get a hotel room but the closest hotel is probly in albany like 20 minutes away, IMO, getting a hotel is not only a huge waste of money, but ur missing out on the experience of camp bisco...bisco at night time is awesome, everyones spun having a great time, such good vibes

    bisco always has one of the best summer festie lineups imo...i still think last years was better, but this years is still pretty awesome

  13. Sounds even better now! And I know but what I meant was if I wake up I wouldnt want to worry about not being able to smoke a blunt inside I smoke in town or wherever but if I did have to stay at a hotel I wouldnt be able to smoke a blunt inside while if I tent it up or use a motor home I can wake n bake easily once I am on the go it doesnt matter I am not one of those paranoid smokers trying to smoke in the shadows only haha. And no point in paying for VIP if the guards are not douche bags. I know a few people in NY to so this could work out great :D Thanks for the info man my goal of seeing shpongle live might finally be completed with a bonus of seeing like 30 others adding to how fucking awesome this summer is gonna be, peace.
  14. Gotta post it then.

    [ame=]YouTube - Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth[/ame]
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    DMT do LSD doo dee doo doo. Love it haha.

    Shpongle is so sick, was introduced to them alongside psychedelic fungi. ;)
  16. Same here I still break out shpongle on both of the "trips" I take each year :D
  17. bump

    [ame=]YouTube - H.U.V.A. Network - Something Heavens[/ame]
  18. i saw shpongle at bonnaroo this year. right when he came on you just saw people droppin left and right. everyone was smokin dmt haha. he was pretty good!
  19. Anybody heard of entheogenic? there pretty cool. I don't think their as good as shpongle though.

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