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psychic when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thesutton7, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. i feel the same way. like im more in tune with my senses or something and i can read people.
  2. I have never experienced it either. But I sometimes cant tell what time zone i am in - past, present, future. So if it is the future... would that make me psychic :p
  3. I dont feel like i can read the other person. I feel like I AM the other person. When you understand what someones meaning is when they create words.Im not talking about understanding english in your own interpretation. im talking about 'understanding'. When you understand you will be like oh shiit:eek:
  4. hahahah That's Empathy :laughing:


      empathy pronunciation /ˈɛm[​IMG][​IMG]θi/ [​IMG] Show Spelled[em-puh-thee]
    the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

  5. yeahman i can just tell how people feel it actually annoys me because then i feel awkward lol... i have a buddy who i've smoked a jay or 2 with and he can just Feel when theres about to be a problem, Both times hes had a feeling i've hidden my weed just in time.
  6. Isn't empathy something that most people have in everyday sober life? Why is this feeling so new to me than? Is it more than empathy or is it strong empathy or is it empathy mixed with cannabis intoxication?
  7. yeaaaaaaa,the high from the weed just allowing you to have a new perspective on things
  8. yeh it makes you more perceptive, so your brain starts noticing more small expressions and body language on ppl, and you can tell what tehyre motivations are by how they speak. and you can sort of predict what theyre gonna do. it's like going super-saiyan lol
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  9. All this reminds me of that show Lie to Me on fox,the main guy on the show can pretty much read people like a book.I think on the first episode,the lie-to-me-guy was at some office place and there was a big computer screen that had human faces expressing different emotions and i guess he used it to train himself in Human lie detecting or something, idk,the title is called "lie to me":Dbut it was pretty cool.:cool:
  10. I hope so! Becuase last night I picked the teams for the football pool in my neighborhood and I'd love to win $50!
  11. This was the supposed reason why G13 was created, because the gov'ts psychics talked about how their abilities were stronger under the influence. Naturally it wasn't just tested but they looked to improve that connection. Many people don't believe in this stuff, but my argument why is it one of the few "studies" that the US government still uses even after 60 years of research.
  12. Or you could just be too high to realize it's a simple coincidence.
  13. ^--- haha sounds like a reasonable explanation
  14. I know what you mean, I feel like I can tell what people are going to say and what's going to happen, lol. :p

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