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psychic when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thesutton7, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Sometimes I feel like I'm psychic when I'm baked. I feel like when somebody says something, I can see through them and figure out the true motives and thoughts behind what they are saying. It's like being a human lie detector, but also being able to tell when somebody feels awkward, intimidated, comfortable, or whatever. And in the same sense, I can perfectly critique someone's acting skills in a movie. Does anybody else get this too?
  2. Am I just real baked or did we not have this exact thread last night? I'm so confused....:smoke:.
  3. I know what you're talking about. It's fucking crazy when I play poker blitzed out of my mind, I make the craziest calls and they all seem to be teh right thing to do. And weed can help you judge people by body language, and their undertone and shit. It's like you have social superpowers, kinda like MDMA but not to the extent.
  4. Yeah, I just think that it has something to do with weed causing your thoughts to get directly translated into a reaction rather than it going through your conscience/personality or some shit. So it's like your brain is receiving raw, unadulterated data from your senses.... or some shit :p

    Almost like when you get a dream that comes true, you're brain is working all by it's self to come out with a logical conclusion to what might soon happen after sorting through your thoughts.

    They did a psychic evaluation on the guy in "Super High Me" and I'm pretty sure his psychic ability was more accurate when he was high...
  5. well its not that you become psychic or anything like that. everyones born with this type of perception. its just that weed widens the range of perception so your senses better utilize the information they take in. i love weed :D
  6. You guys must be high as fuck! I've never had any psychic experiences but that would be cool 8)
  7. When im high i can read my own thoughts :smoke:
    Trippy i know.
  8. Ya, I tend to feel like I can sense someones true intentions/who they really are/what they really mean when I'm high as well.
    I don't really like that aspect though, I don't know if it's because I've seen too many movies or some shit, but it feels like I'm watching some drama show. There's always someone that seems like they're hiding problems and putting on a happy face mask >.>
  9. There was a psychic test in Super High Me.

    Get a bunch of your stoner friends to experiment with psychic visions.
  10. I can't say I've ever experienced that...
  11. i experience the same thing. except the only difference would be i dont have to be high to do it.

    ive always taken pride in my "gift". i would describe it as a super advanced empathy with people.but it also has its downers. for example since i can "see" everything about someone just by subtle movements,a few words spoken, or by their overall demeonor i tend to "act" in a combination of everyone ive encountered.

    ill try to explain.

    i encounter someone that makes a certain face when they say something. later when i say the same word ill actually make the face or "try" to make the face unconciouslly.its really hard to explain. but i figured this out while making a smoking vid and just studying myself on the screen.

    sorry if i confused anybody really is WAY to hard to explain. :smoke:
  12. lol your high

  13. How many fingers am I holding up??
  14. I feel that too sometimes. One time in Class, I walked in late.. baked out of my mind and the teacher asked me a question. No one got it right apparently before me, and I got it right. I don't remember the question, but the answer was "liberal". haha, stuff like that always happens to me when I'm ripped. Maybe I'm modest, but I Just thought of myself as a good guesser instead of a pyschic.
  15. :smoke: im not psychic

    just high

  16. yeah,Super High Me kinda proved that your a more psychic when high.And i tested it out with my friends,we got fully baked and we try to guess what color the other is thinking of and 9 times out of 10 we were right.

    But what thesutton7 is describing isn't a psychic ability,It's called reading between the lines :laughing:
  17. i know what you mean man its like i understand human psychology all of a sudden......either that or im paranoid and think that everyone has an ulterior motive
  18. This is how you can hallucinate off marijuana, although minor, you still get rainbow visions and cartoon images of landscapes or figures.

    All you need to do is stay up for 3 days, smoke a blunt, you will get extremely baked no matter the potency, having no sleep and starting to day-dream, thc messes with the serotonin that gets released, one of the main chemicals for dreaming.
  19. I get what you mean by acting critiques and the body language and what not, but I have not experienced being a "human lie detector". You might be onto something.... or just on something

  20. the high after that must be crazy....i might even try it lol

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