Psychic time powers!

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  1. Okay, so 45 minutes ago, i decided to take a nap.
    I set my ipod alarm for 5:30.
    So i go to sleep peacfully, an wake up out of the blue sometime later.
    So 3 second after i wake up, i think to myself "i wonder what time it is. Ill just wait for my alarm to go off."
    Then out of nowhere, i see an image if my ipod lock screen lock(thundercats background and all), and it says 5:29.
    So i just think "thatd be cool if the alarm suddenly went off."
    Not 5 seconds later,
    My alarm went off.
    I was shocked.

    Idk i thought it was pretty cool. Lol

  2. Did you imagine this, or did you actually see it? Like how would you see it if the phone was locked? :confused:
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    I guess i imagined it. Lol.
    The image of the lock screen just popped into my head out of nowhere.
  4. I want what your smoking!
  5. human mind is more powerful than you makes me wonder hmm.:bongin:
  6. I agree, sometimes I feel there is more to what humans can do, it's just we are too distracted by all this technology we can't be at our natural state of being. Thats just how I feel
  7. The human brain responds to emotional responses 5 seconds before we feel it, your brain may have remembered your phone screen but put 5:29 in its place, and that was the last 5 seconds of your dream because your brain knew the alarm was about to happen. You musta been thinking about the alarm before you passed out.
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    But that doesnt explain how i knew what time it was. Lol

  9. Yeah ive felt myslef do some weird shit like today i was driving to my house with the radio sound completely off, and i could hear a song in my head. i turned up the volume on the radio and i heard the same song i heard in my head in the same place. it was crazy. :D
  10. looooooooooool nice
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    That happens to me every now an then.
    Sometimes ill be with someone, and ill think something, and whoever i with will say either exactly what i was thinking, or something like what i was thinking.
    Or like ill think of an episode of a tv show, then when i watch the show that night, its the same exact episode.

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