Discussion in 'General' started by XxRollinDirtyxX, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. We are in no way trying to steal members from .. we offer a completely different set of forums which are more psychedelic, and ethnobotanical related.. id really appreciate if u guys checked it out

    Thanks guys.
  2. no offence but I'de rather talk about em with gc in general.
  3. no offense taken.. none at all.. i like it here too, ive only been here about 2 weeks thou
  4. Looks like a pretty cool forum but I would reduce the number of boards if I were you, at least until you get more members.
  5. The forums there do not look as good as they do here as far as the layout. It's to dark and hurts my eyes
  6. if you want to suceed then i say you invest in vb or ipb. i never sign up or look at forums if they dont run on those software
  7. i will personally back the guy up, its a real cool place as well

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