Psychedelic Video Therapy Thread (PVT-T)

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    I was reading about the recent 2C-E (not verified) overdoses in MN and OK and I came across some information regarding Psychedelic Video Therapy. I think its an interesting idea for sure, and i could see how they could have some therapeutic qualities about them... after all, who doesnt like to step out of their mind every once in a while..

    So I was thinking that it would be cool if we could start a thread of awesome psychedelic videos for those who need a little therapy here and there...

    here's the info for the real (as seen on tv) program, its actually more of an a/v instant meditation-izer.. definitely a cool concept

    Meditation DVD Mind Machine Relaxation Video Alpha Theta brainwave entrainment Hypnosis

    im thinkin about ordering it... cant you just imagine sitting in front of the TV, with the kaleidoscope glasses and some smooth tunes, a little herb, and a large glass of OJ, watching this stuff? I know the old boxers can :)

    here's the rule... dont post anything thats gonna get this thread closed... we all know the new PB guidelines

    YouTube - AV3X-The Innerspace Adventure - I. Exploration
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  3. btw cool pics are welcome too...

    [ame=]YouTube - 2 Minutes in Wonderland[/ame]
  4. Personally this is the most psychedelic video to me. I understand its not like the ones you posted. But my first OBE came while on a heroic dose of some golden teachers while listening to this song. It was something i will never be able to explain to anyone, but took my mind and breath away simultaneously.

    YouTube - deadmau5 "Strobe"
  5. hell yeah man, this whole album is amazing. music without words definitely seems to bring out the most profound effects for me at least... be careful about mentioning other drugs specifically though /:
  6. ya i was treading a thin line there lol but yes the album never seizes to amaze me

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