Psychedelic Study #2

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I started this some months back and I just finished this thing. I usually do these more as a meditation / daily journal rather than actual art pieces. It helps me relax and prepare me for whatever drawing I might need to get finished for a client. Never the less, its kinda interesting when one gets done. You never know what you might find. It does include the infamous GC slut which did turn out well :p. The next study in refined style has already begun.

    It was scanned in at 6471x4622 so you might not be able to see things clearly at the current scale. Click the picture to see a somewhat bigger version.
  2. + fucking rep dude, thanks for the new background on my comp, you should submit this to an art review your very talented man, you should be a tattoo artist man, i'll volunteer for your fist ink job , i want that but on my back is that cool, i'll pay for ink and the gun and some buds, i think we can get this done in about 2 months
  3. sweet shit man, i think i might even make that my desktop. gimme a sec for some more +rep

  4. God I hate artists...

    ... it just makes me so jealous. I wish I had talent like that.

    +rep for sure!!!
  5. That is a very nice piece.
  6. +rep, shit's mad good.
  7. thanks ya'll.

    heythere: i tried to get a job as a tattoo artist before, but no one would give me a chance sense i have no ink on my own body. I guess it makes since, I would want mine done by someone who obviously takes it seriously. heh if you were really up to it and got all the essencials :smoking: and you didn't mind that I would probably fuck up a bit then i'd ink your back.

    two job offers in one week, not bad :D My old highschool art teacher invited me to teach animation at the college he's the dean of now. that might be fun. I get to check out the school in July.
  8. +rep, I love your style. I'm a big fan of lots of curves and soft edges in drawings.
  9. Sooo awesome. I can't imagine how much time that must have taken you! Great work Palm, +rep!
  10. that's really good, i love abstract drawings like that that just get overloaded with crazy shapes and figures... beautiful
  11. WOW really cool. You have some insaine skills. +rep
  12. im usually not interested in art but damn ur a fucken genious. you should be next... whatever uber artist from long time ago.
  13. Palmer, you are very talented. I'm a big fan of the other psychadelic works that you post on here too. Keep up the excellent work!:smoking:
  14. Holy fuck dude, your shit alllways is amazing.
  15. yo, that is some sick art, i love drawing abstract shit as well, awesome work though
  16. thanks guys :smoking:

    I lost my third study a few days ago in between work and home. Sucks, that one was quite different. I'm sure it'll pop up sometime.
  17. Very nice.:) So many hours of work. Nice.

  18. That some sick art, props and stay high.:smoking:
  19. Absolutely fucking amazing.

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