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Psychedelic Properties of Cannabis

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Knox, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. My reasoning for creating this thread is two-fold: (1) to have an intelligent discussion on the psychedelic properties of cannabis and (2) try to rekindle some of the great GC discussion that I have heard so much about, but recently seems to have been lost in a wave of immature posters/posts. But I digress...
    <o></o> lists cannabis as a psychedelic and I have found in my personal experience that this is a very true statement. My reasoning for creating this thread was to create a discussion on the psychedelic properties of cannabis and all of your opinions of it.
    Personally I don't feel it is possible to hallucinate while using cannabis. By definition, a hallucination is you seeing something that is not there. The reason I wanted to clarify this is because I do believe that you can have visuals when using large amounts of THC.
    To me cannabis is an enhancer, something that allows me to view life through another perspective and if that perspective is visual distortions or the like, then I am grateful for the experience and am better because of it.
    I draw the line however, at describing these visual changes as hallucinations. I feel that people call these visuals hallucinations because they (and their imaginations) are tricking themselves into believing that what they are seeing really isn't there. While in reality, they aren't viewing anything new, just something that was already there in a different perspective.
    I am not saying cannabis isn't a psychedelic, I completely agree that it is. I'm just saying there is a difference between seeing something that isn't there and seeing things that are already there, but in a different lights.
  2. I agree with you, Ive never actually seen anything that isn't there, but I have seen some pretty trippy kind of patterns sort of like a low dose of shrooms, Along with the generally change in my perception of colors.
  3. Well both the terms hallucinogenic and psychedelic are pretty vague, but anyways, you can have some CRAZY closed-eyed visuals after smoking.
  4. I agree, i wouldn't nessicarily catagorize pot as a hallucinogen, but i have found that after smoking very potent weed and laying down+closing eyes i experience some mild visuals. (im from around boston too knox, where abouts are you located?)
  5. yeah kinda like a small dxm trip. has alot of info thats where i leanr about everything drug related.
    i figure if im gonna smoke weed and trip i better knwo what im up against rght?
  6. Glad to see this mindset is still around. That is one of the most important parts of the entire experience: educating yourself. In my opinion, the more educated you are, the more you can experience and "get out of" the substance, as opposed to someone who goes in ignorant.
  7. Agreed, I won't try anything I don't have information on...

    Before I toked, I researched pot like a mad man, then I decided to smoke, needless to say, I'm happy... haha.

    As for your question, I don't tend to see things that aren't there, however, if I'm outside at night, I can swear I see little shadows dashing everywhere. There are shadows out there, but they're not dashing as I see it, so I guess that fits in with seeing things in a different light. But I don't think I would ever call marijuana hallucenogenic, at least by my understanding of the word, but I think psychedelic is a good description of the effects, there's my two cents. :D Toke on, my friends.
  8. Great post. Yeah I agree, and that is what I was talking about before, these "shadows" you see are the visuals I was talking about. They are there when you are sober, but when you smoke cannabis, these shadows take on a new life, through your altered perspective. I wouldn't classify them as hallucinations because they are there whether you are high or not.

    Same to you man:smoke:
  9. FUCK YES you do. oh my god. when i smoke a lot real late at night, and i close my eyes to go to sleep, my mind is running a mile a minute...
  10. to start, i am a diagnosed schizophrenic, which i feel like ive said 20 times already on here :smoke: but you gotta be open minded to what a hallucination is. for example, audible halluicinations (hearing voices) doesnt have to mean you hear another person talking to you that isnt in the room. how it affected me (pre cannabis use) was what i can only describe as "unexplained urges." ideas, strange or taboo, just get planted in your head, and nag at you all day. and that, clinically, is considered an audible hallucination.

    ive only had one real VIVID visual hallucination while smoking weed. it was in the form of a shadow being cast by a candle, except the shadow was morphing in front of me and human figures were forming. it was like i was watching a short film. very voilent images. and its not like you dont know that they are there, you do. at the time i was like "...what...the...mother fuck is this." even when you look away and then go back to it, its still there. full action and all.

    thats a severe example. less severe instances is when i look at a tree for instance, and the bare braches form figures (for me, usually of the devil) and no matter what you do, everytime you look in that direction, that figure catches your eye right away because it stands out. same thing happens to me when i look at ruffled curtains hanging.

    hallucinations, as far as ive ever been told by my various doctors, is just seeing something in shadows, or seeing shapes instead real things. not like youd be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden 10 confederate soldiers are sitting in your living room with you.

    *sits back and waits for the immature 13 year old to come in and try to call me out cause HE/SHE has never seen anything while high*
  11. Ive noticed that once i have smoked some very potent herb or hash/oil i get these kaleidoscope like visuls that i can see even with my eyes open. I actually find it to be annoying. SO in my experience taking in high levles of THC can definatley have some phycedelic affects on people.
  12. Ive always researched every drug Ive taken, such as effects, time it lasts, possible interactions with other drugs or meds etc...

  13. Yeah, its really easy to see images in weird things, but thats about it for me.

    My friend swears to god that him and a few other guys all saw a ghost while they were driving around high though.
  14. I've had some audio hallucinations. I've literally sat in class hearing random Mario sounds at about one per second. It may have been my brain's interpretation of some other background noise (probably), but the sounds were so vividly Mario. But I think it all goes back to the whole seeing things in the clouds idea: our brains assemble random information into more coheesive bits by forming shapes out of nothing; ie shapes out of smoke, clouds, curtains, etc. Perhaps when we're high our brain is more suggestable to seeing shapes in smoke/clouds/trees, and hearing random noises that get interpreted as other noises.
  15. I think i was trippin' today after i smoke. as i was driving home, me a friend smoked a couple bowls. after a while, the car in front of me started to going up/down, left/right. it was freaking me the hell out and my friend dosn't mess with lased stuff. i was about ready to pull over till i took control of it and "turned it off"
  16. I get the mario sounds also, they are fucking awsome! I thought I was the only one bro. Glad to know that i'm not fucked up.
  17. Exactly my point. All those things you were talking about are already there and its just your brain interpreting it differently.

  18. right, like when you see something your brain registers it a totally different way than it may appear. i once thought my christmas tree was...well something else that i wasnt familiar with and i was very surprised at it. it all depends on your mind set at the time too i think.
  19. I know this thread has been inactive for awhile, but something happened today that I thought would be cool to share.

    I've never seen anything like colors or shapes or anything like that when high, it's just nothing I experience.

    Well, today I was in class and I looked up at the ceiling (high last night, still feeling it, you know what I'm talking about) and it was a ceiling with all of the wholes like doctor's office ceilings and as I stared at it, it started having like a heat waving effect, then it started turning red, then blue, then it just kept like pulsing blue. It was some pretty cool shit. It was the first time anything like that had happened to me.... just thought I'd add this in here.

    Toke on, my friends. :D

  20. That's what I'm saying, and I think weed helps facilitate those differing interpretations. Like when you're baked you can see all sorts of crazy shit in fractals and fog and carpet and shit... and I think that creative leap in analyzing sensory input spills over into other senses too, such as hearing (background noise gets analyzed for the closest sound it makes, then your brain "creates" that sound (like the Mario sounds) in your head just like your brain "creates" the shapes in the clouds).

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