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Psych Ward

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by south502, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Alright guys got a story for you all and just wondering what's your alls opinions?
    Back 4 year agos when I was a dumb 14 year old freshman me and my buddies would drink I school pretty frequently. I don't know why besides we were dumb and young but it eventually became pretty frequent. One morning my friend brought it two 1.75 of tequila that we pored in monsters my first period. I drank one too fast and I guess everything went downhill from there. Later I found out I ended up chugging the first bottle after I blacked out and being so young and small I ended up overdosing. I wake up in the hospital with a catheter, tube in my throat, and Ivs in my veins. I had never been so scared. Thrust that night I was in and out of conciseness until I finally wake up In the children's psyc unit of the hospital. I first notice a room mate a kid who, with no hesitation, said he strapped his brother in the back with a pen. I find my self and a completely different world in which I don't belong. I'm missing shoelaces and the only thing them fucks gave me to write was crayons and markers. I shortly find out I'm the only one in there at that time for alcohol and besides one kid in there for weed (poor guy) everyone was completely insane. For the first time I had no freedom and since I had been checked in my parent couldn't get me out for 72 hours. I spent 3 miserable days in there never once went outside ate a full meal or even cracked a smile. I couldn't sleep and it was the most terrible thing I had been put thru. I feel as if people who make these mistakes one time should not have to faced with a punishment like that. Do you all think the need to reform these messed up institutions? Thanks for reading and sorry it wa soo long!
  2. lol........
  3. No. What's to stop you from doing it again if everything feels like a damned picnic? How else are people going to learn?

    Trust me, if you don't give someone a reason to wise up, they won't.

    And look, it certainly taught you not to fuck around anymore, didn't it? ^_^

    PS: I hate to be that person, but.. please learn how to format your paragraphs and work on your grammar. Nobody likes to read a wall of... whatever this was.
  4. damn that's intense lol, I would think they would send you to a rehab or counseling clinic before a psych ward, that's very odd and if that's what they do, then yes it needs reformed. Unless you are in fact crazy ?:)
  5. you probly said something stupid drunk and they think u crazy and drunk.
  6. I did that shit at the movies once..

    Same age, my friend managed to sneak some Russian vodka out of the liquor cabinet. We get to the movies with out group and we're all ready to get drunk and stoned. We get to our spot and start passing shit around. Noone other than me hit the water bottle more than once, and they took pussy sips. Everyone said they were good on it, and me being like 'Well it'd be a shame to waste it' decides to drink ALL of it. This is a completely full water bottle of vodka on an empty stomach with no chaser when I was a little 14 year old kid.

    I do not remember most of that night.

    Where my memory fades, is I was sitting on a ledge (with palmettos 10 ft below if we fell) by our smoke spot, and I just remember (not purposefully) swaying drastically back and forth and realizing that I probably shouldn't be sitting on a ledge. So I slid myself forward and fell on the ground, they passed me a bowl, I hit it and was coughing a lot and all I remember them saying 'Oh.. He's good'

    Where my memory comes back: I wake up in a ditch (my friends were watching over me), with the WORST headache of all time (I had never puked from drinking before or had a hangover or anything so this was a great experience), so bad that I woke up and instantly puked, passed out, woke up, instantly puked, and passed out again. After I woke up this last time, I realized that I NEEDED to get up (we were right by the road, and it wasn't uncommon for cops to roll past it) so I grabbed a small tree next to me and used it to pull myself up.

    Then my friends informed me while they carried me the length of about 2 football fields that I unconsciously puked on them. My best friend's pants were ruined, and another friend's shoes had gunk on them. I apologized to them and asked what I was doing the whole time.

    Apparently I was rolling around in the dirt and then my drug dealer came (which didn't make any sense cuz I didn't call him... or did I? I don't think I did) and sold me a sack. I must have looked like a fucking goon, but he didn't mind it that much apparently saying 'He's been there'... we smoked on that sack for awhile, and then that was when I went out.

    After this I go to the bathroom in the movie theatre attracting as little attention as I possible could with puke on my clothes and in my hair and I wash up in the bathroom.

    Then my dad comes and gets me, instantly notices my drunkenness (how could you not, I was still slurring at that point), and takes me home. I go to my room and my mom comes and interrogates me and finds out I'm not only drunk, but STONED.

    That was the first time my parents caught me high... and drunk.
  7. I work in a mental hospital so I can explain a few things to you. There are only 3 reasons why someone can be put on a 5150 (72 hour hold). Danger to self, danger to others, or gravely disabled.

    A child who drinks to the point where they black out and wake up in the hospital with tubes and IVs is a danger to themselves. You could have died. Being so drunk, you could have done something crazy and hurt someone else.

    They were right and well within the law to put you on a 72 hour hold. Hopefully you learned a lesson. Did you think you could do whatever you wanted and there would be no consequences? What I tell young patients who are in your situation is this: If you do stupid shit in the future, this is exactly where you will be again. So think twice before you fuck around. Every action has a consequence.

    The reason we take belts/shoelaces/drawstrings is because you or your roommate could be suicidal and try to hang yourslef/himself with them. Wouldn't it suck to wake up and find your roommate dead and hanging from your shoelace? Thats why we take them. You should have been able to figure why there were no pens or pencils in there. Remember your roommate who stabbed his brother in the back with a pen? If there was a pen in your room, guess who he would've stabbed. It's all about safety. If you were inconvenienced, then maybe you shouldn't have been fucking around making stupid decisions.
  8. Guess that depends...did you stop acting like a complete dumbass with alcohol after that, or not?

    If so, then I'd say your reform was effective. Sorry, you might think it was a nightmare, but consider what your parents went through after hearing about how you came up with the bright idea of consuming a gallon of tequila for breakfast, and almost killed yourself in the process.

    Sorry to have little sympathy here, but next time, don't be so surprised when you find yourself in a mental ward for pulling crazy shit.

  9. Working in a mental institution would be nuts. Any cool storys? please
  10. Yeah its crazy. This one guy used to literally paint his face with shit. It was fucking nasty. He would be licking it off of his fingers, saying it was chocolate. You know someone is crazy when they can eat shit and not gag.

    Right after Obama got elected, one of our patients called the White House and threatened him. The Secret Service came to our hospital to interview him. The director of psychology asked me to sit in with them so that was a trip.

    We had one guy who would check himself in every couple of months. He was a really nice old black guy from the south with a thick southern accent. I'll call him Mr. A. He came in around 2 a.m. I did his admission and he was tired so he went to sleep.
    About an hour later he comes running out of his room with a look on his face like he saw a ghost. He yells at me, "I need a cigarette!" I told him that he knows the rules and the next smoke break is at 6 a.m. Mr A. said, "Fuck that! I need a cigarette and you know why!" I told him I didn't know why but he still had to wait until 6. He looked at me with a very serious and sincere look on his face and said, "I need a cigarette because the invisible people in my room is tryin to fuck me in the ass! Every time I come here the invisible people always try to fuck me in the ass!" It took all my self control not to bust up laughing. In his mind, there were really invisible. He told me, "If the invisible people was tryin to fuck you in the ass, you'd need a cigarette too!"
    I thought to myself that if invisible people were trying to ass rape me I probably would need a cigarette and I don't even smoke them. So I said fuck it and grabbed him one and took him on the patio to smoke.

    I've seen some crazy shit and been in countless melees. I love it though. Basically I get to snatch fools up and whoop some ass when necessary. Then my boss pats me on the back and tells me I did a good job and gives me a paycheck.
  11. My brother suffers with something and we have to take him sometimes to the instituation, or the mental health wing and it's just a wierd place to be, as soon as you walk in you can just like feel the despair and anger and sadness of all the people there and watch what they do all day and it is just fucking crazy.

    Theres an old abandonded mental hospital in my town that has been said to be haunted, i think theres even a video on youtube of the kids going through it but it doesn't suprise me that this kind of shit happens in these places, the people and emotions and everything is just fucking crazy.
  12. I understand everyone's points. I'm eighteen now and have worked thru all the drinking. I'm responsible and have been doing fine in school. What happens was out of my personality and was just a giant dumb mistake. I did not fit in a place like that and believe there are other courses of action that would have been a lot more beneficial and appropriate.

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