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Discussion in 'General' started by tarheels058, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Alright well I just started college at Penn State, University Park. and it's dry as fuck! I smoke almost every day, it's a weird ass day if I dont burn a few bowls. I havn't smoked since last thursday. It's monday, and all I want is a fucking bowl pack. I can' find any connections. Atleast not till this weekend ( 2 guys said htye can hook me up then, but who knows). Any ideas about how to find someone. I know to look for people that smoke and ask em, but theres so many god damn kids, I'm usually pretty good about that stuff but I can't tell who smokes or not, I've been keeping an eye out for marley shirts or something, and been talking to kids who hit grits. No luck. I've heard theres some headshops in town, was thinking about just hangin around there. I'm sure nobody can really help me out here but I needed to vent, sorry for wasting your time.
  2. I just left that town after living there for years.

    Yea, it's always dry as hell. People sometimes have stuff but it's always through multiple connects so most deals don't even go through. And it's 90% mids with a few rare beasters. I picked up real headies there only once.

    Dealing is pretty scary in that town so you're unlikely to find a connect outside. All my connects were somewhat close friends. Nobody really deals to people they don't know. You'll have to just make friends that are connects or know connects.

    Frats pretty much always have some. If you're friends with a frat bro, you're pretty much good.

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