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PST: Poppy Seed Tea - A how to

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by beamish, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. #1 beamish, Oct 26, 2009
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    I've read many many guides for making poppy seed tea, all with different methods and directions. Some of them have good information, but they all seem to leave you with a hefty learning process. so after many tries i give you a PST recipe that works well and is logical.

    STEP 1: Find poppy seeds! McCormick, spice islands, and any other MAJOR spice brand is bunk. dont waste $5 buying 70g of washed poppy seeds. look for all natural, all organic branded poppies. the less handling the better. if the seeds are in a glass jar, look for lots of cloudy residue building up on the glass - this is a good sign. also look at the poppies themselves. do they look very uniform in color and clean? not a good sign (white poppy seeds need not apply here). also, if there is debris (read: not a poppy seed) in with the seeds that is also a good sign - less processing the better.

    STEP 2: Figure out how much you want/need! i would say a good place to start the first time is to go with 80g of seed per 100lbs of weight for a new opiate user. advanced users should go with 150g of seed per 100lbs body weight. and people with real opiate addictions.. do your thing.

    STEP 3: Wash your poppy seeds! i like room temperature water, as its not so cold as to make the opium latex harden, and not so hot that it breaks down the latex. as long as your water isn't on one extreme of the temperature spectrum, you are good.
    Put all your seeds in a sealable container (you are going need to violently aggitate the poppy seeds in water to break all the latex off the poppy seeds that you can), and fill with water till there is about 20-30% more water than saturated poppy seeds (when the water/seed mixture settles, the water layer above the seeds is what you are looking at to be 20-30% of the volume of the poppy seed solution below it).
    Seal your container and shake vigorously for a minute. Imagine having a grand mal seizure with the poppy seed container in your hands.. copy this.

    STEP 4: Strain off poppy seed water from poppy seeds! I use a mesh strainer, you can use the screw cap on a plastic bottle in a pinch. just have your poppy mixture in the bottle, slightly unscrew the cap (HOLD ON TO THE CAP - you dont want all the poppy seeds to end up in your strained solution because your cap fell off..) and squeeze the bottle, hold this over a glass or collection pan of course.

    STEP 5: Acidify your mixture! there is some analog of morphine, or alkaloid, i forget the scientific part. But add lemon or lime juice and let the solution sit (about a tablespoon of juice per 2floz of drink). give it about 5-10 minutes to let reactions take place. this makes the drink more potent.

    STEP 6: DRINK THAT SHIT. dont be a pussy and add sugar or whatever, you aren't here to sip this trust me. it may taste horrible - more than likely it will. just chug it like you have a glass full of hard liquor.

  2. Just as a reminder to anyone thinking of trying this keep in mind a few simple facts.

    When you get addicted to opium tea, you're in fact getting addicted to 10's of other alkaloids.
    The withdraws from opium tea are some of the worst I've ever heard. Explosive bowels, sweating, hot flashes cold flashes, irritability, itchiness, redness, bloated feeling, looking and feeling swollen, the list goes on and on and on.

    I personally would NEVER recommend anyone trying this.
    If you do, please read this before you do :)
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    The guide isn't asking us to "enjoy that shit" (I laughed when I read that) every day, and everyone knows the risks of opiate addiction. Personally I would do this maybe once every other month, as a special nod-tastic treat.
  4. i put this up so that people already seeking out this method can find a good reliable recipe. every instruction ive seen (and i looked up alot of different methods for PST) has a few flaws in it.
    withdrawal from PST is only as bad as you describe if you overdo things and start using lbs of poppy seeds at a time. a few hundred grams done repetitively over a few days yields no withdrawals (and i have been through opiate withdrawal before from the REAL deal).
  5. Good recipe and good information, but I hope this doesn't get deleted because of the whole "hot to make a drug" or "extraction Tech." stuff... I say it should stay though cause it's some GOOD stuff, and people should know that they don't have to pay $1/mg for OC's when they could just make some tea :D
  6. Do supermarkets carry the correct seeds or do I need to go to a market or something?
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    i'm bookmarking this thread :] word.

    pre-deletion hopefully!!!
  8. Nice guide man, I'm seriously eager to try this. :)
  9. Quality thread. Thank you.
  10. im pretty sure this is against the rules, not to be the party pooper or anything
  11. So no store bought name brand seeds will work at all?? iv did so much reading and people say store bought gets you feelin good and some people say it did do anything and i know pods are the best im ordering asap but me and my friend wanted to make tonight. Could some one clear this up for me please any help would be great. thanks
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    Super market seeds suck. The thing about super market seeds, is that the potency wildly varies. Because they wash them. Sometimes you might get lucky and run into a batch of McCormick that wasn't washed very well. But most the time you end up getting ripped off.

    You want to go to a whole foods organic store, or an asian supermarket. But like he said, the white seeds don't work for crap, in the asian super markets. Even though they are still opium poppy seeds. You want the dark seeds, with lots of debri.

    I can't find them anywhere in my town. I've only gotten one good high off, a McCormick batch, that I was very lucky to get. The other four times i've tried it, nothing.

    Shortly after that, the prices we're raised on the supermarket seeds because so many kids have jacked them, instead of buy them, so now it's not even worth it for me. Too expensive.

    If you know you have a weak batch of seeds, you can mix it with grapefruit juice, and Quinine Tonic Water. This will make the up take of available opiates more readily available for the bodies use. Don't use too much Tonic water, it can cause haring loss in high doses. And please, if you know you have a strong batch of seeds, there is probably no need to try and potentate it. A strong batch of seeds can and will fuck you up.

    I've heard of people making the tea, boiling all the water away, and mixing the residual powder with grapefruit juice and tonic water. To avoid having to drink, two liters of nasty tea. If you do that though, stagger your doses carefully, because you don't exactly know the strength of it. Each batch can vary greatly in potency. So stagger your doses. Start with a small dose, so you can gauge the strength. About 45 min. On an empty stomach is enough time notice any effects.
  13. Isnt this really dangerous and vary on potency from a different batch to the next?
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    Yup. If you don't know what your doing, it can be pretty dangerous, it's also more addictive than most opiates. Because you're getting the full spectrum of opiate alkaloids, not just one.
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