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Psst. It's me!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey compadres!

    Just just passin thru real quick, as life has become a full time job here lately. I'm gonna try and get by here late Friday night, early Saturday morning and spend a little more time.
    Happy Holidays!
    Where's the bong?

    Love to you all!
    I'm alive and OK and hope y'all are the same!

    Gonna go try to do the Readers Digest Condensed wersion of what's up at the City!

    See you sooner than you think!

    El Okienhiemer.
  2. Happy Hloidays to you too Smokie.. Glad to hear all is well in the Okie!!! you have been missed by us all..

    Come back soon..
  3. Okie! Poohbah!

    We've all missed you!

    Glad things are doing ok, and if we don't hear from you until then, I hope you have a wonderful holiday :D
  4. g,day good buddy ,great to see ya,all still alive.l look forward to hearing more from ya.:D..p.s.l was gonna do a heap of smilies but there play in up and closing my computer down.
  5. Smokie!!! so glad to know you are alive and ok...I have so missed your stories!! hope your holidays are good!

  6. I'll help ya out there critter :D



    you've been missed!
  7. hey smokie m8:) glad to hear your doin fine. You've been more than missed.

    Wheres the bong you say?...

    dropped it in the toilet.

  8. All right! Our resident Grand Poobah is here! :D

    How ya been doing Smokie? It's damn good to see you again my friend. We've been missing ya around here. Did ya get the new pc you was wanting?

    It'll be nice to have you back here for awhile, you've got a lot of catching up to do!

    P.S. Dropped any one hitters in the shitter lately? ;)
  9. *passes bong to okie* hey buddy! good to see you! we miss ya! :D
  10. just in time for christmas :D


    glad to hear you're doin well. hope ya had a wonderful turkey day, and may you have an awesome Christmas if you don't get back before then :D

    lmao... did you ever get around to getting a new bat? or are you a bit weary 'cause of the last one ending up in the potty? lmfao!!!

  12. you can thank critter when ya get the time for all the hitter in the shitter jokes,...our mate really likes that one. dunno why????:D
  13. It's about damn time, Mister Man! You owe me a dollar for every day you haven't been here. Yes, I'm serious. I don't accept checks either. Keep that in mind the next time you pull a disappearing act! ;)

    We need at least two stories when you come back this weekend, along with 1 joke and maybe you can thrill us and tell us that you dropped your hitter in the shitter again!!! :D
  14. Well looked what the cat hacked up? :D

    its good to see you around again big guy, I hope life is treating you good.
  15. HIGH All, who's this smokin character everyone misses so???????????????????????????????????????????????

    Glad to see you at least cutting the grass once in awhile's been tooooooo loooooooong my friend.

    Going to have to take a few weeks O.F.F.F. to read your stories of late (yes no doubt there will be a few).

    Miss you and hope to see you back where you belong Bro.
  16. Well!! I got what I wanted for Christmas!!! ;)
  17. Dont realy know who you are acualy i dont know many people here but you sound like a cool guy hope to hear some of you funny stories everyones talking bout.
  18. hey smokie, good to see ya again've been missed my friend......i wanna hear more of your stories about being out on the porch, and hearing things in the woods, sitting there with your double barrell......they were great.......Peace out......Sid
  19. well shit
    once again i get caught with my pants down, dickin around outside smokin a cig watching the weather change and get cold and whatnot....
    and you come flutterin a bat or smokin on some of the best bud ive had in a while, chillin, relaxin, just generally bein stoned

  20. huh???

    did i miss something?

    damnit.... i'm always the last to know these things... :D

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