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  1. hey guys, recently i had my ipod stolen. fuckin pissed, 80gb classic w/ video. but i also got my old PSP working again. so guys, would you recommend a 16gb memory stick for $50 and put it in the psp, or just use that $50 to buy a used ipod off craigslist?
  2. People still use PSP's?

    How often do you use yours?
  3. Way better video game options on an iPod Touch than the PSP! The App Store is the greatest source for handheld gaming ever, IMO.

  4. well i'm installing a stereo in my car (20 year old speakers finally gave out....) and the head unit is going to have an aux jack. so basically i just want something to put in my car and hold all my music.
  5. First, I'd suggest actually looking on craigslist, and see if you happen to see a familiar looking Ipod on there.

    What kind of Ipod we're you looking at, though?
    If it's just for your car, then I would discourage buying
    a new memory card for your PSP. 16 GB isn't thaaat much,
    and would you even use it to play games or other purposes?

    Or just play music?
  6. i mean, i'll still maybe use it on car trips and shit. im still living with the family so i ride backseat on our cross country trips. it might come in handy then.

    i already have a 2gb stick in there. should i just save that thing for the car trips and just buy an ipod?
  7. A PSP is better then a iPod if the PSP is hacked.My is ,and i can just download games off torrent so i don't got to buy shit.But the old model is hmm...what's the word for it...KAH Dunk..The new one is more compacted.
  8. I ended up selling my psp. Sometimes I miss it, but even when I'm bored all the time and shit, I don't find a time where I could find myself using it.

    Unless on a plane/train trip that was long.

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