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Psoriasis And Rso/bho Creams?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by funguy88, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I am really looking for any heIp can get.  I have been suffering with psoriasis for 3 years and none of the RX steroids pills or cream I tried. work at ak done a little bit a research and have found that making some sort of Cannabis Extract / Cream lotion can really help the symptoms of psoriasis

    I know very little about Weed oil extract or how to make this extract cream but I want to know more!

    I have a lot of questions.

    What is the difference between RSO and BHO are they both oils/extracts that I can mix into a lotion? Pro Cons?

    I's it something as easy as, making a RSO oil and mix it into the lotion of your choice for easy applications?

    What ratios of the RSO or BHO VS the lotion I chose should I use.

    Will applying this stuff make me feel kinda high *note that I never really smoke weed)

    I live in a Medical Majuania state and have access to super high grades of both indica and sativa do you think the strains would make a difference in performance and results?
    Are there specific cannabinoids that I am loking for?
    Would using this stuff  show up on a drug test for job aplication etc?
    I am looking to try any solutions I can find and would love to do a full before/after pictorial log for any one else that would be interested.

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    Hey thank you so much. I will make a before  and after post on how this turns out! thank you for the info I really apreciate it!
  4. Forgot to mention, high CBD strains dampen the high of THC. Might be worth a look.
    All the best.

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