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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Napoli K, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. This was taken from the "Proof that Marijuana is a gateway drug" thread...
    Does anyone else agree with this?
    I mean...just from my small dips and dabbles with shrooms...
    I'm pretty sure I can say that I've seen a change in my psyche.

    Although...I guess it depends on what exactly the psilocybin is safe from...
    Or, in other words...what is meant by "safest".

    How dangerous???
  2. Well Ive never heard of anybody overdosing on mushrooms or anything like that. Except for the people who eat the wrong kind
  3. that doesnt necessarily make it bad. personally i feel changed after almost every trip and i think i have changed for the better. i feel more in tune with everything, and can just understand life better...but maybe thats just me...

    in terms of healthwise though shrooms are relatively cant overdose (i dont think) and there is no addiction or physical harm the drug does to your body
  4. well i read this 1 story where there these 2 guys ate a shit load of shrooms pulled there car over and passed out. 1 of them took off all there clothers and passed outside in a snowbank and died of hypothermia.. but thats just what ive read
  5. does not matter if its true as it was not the shrooms that killed him which is what we are talking about. Not to kill your point, I mean with any minde altering drug you can do stupid deadly shit.

    if you eat the right kind of shrooms then your stomic will expload from eating to much before the drug in teh shroom kills you. I got this fact either from erowid or the shroomry, both sites I trust but I have no proof of this. personly i would say you would throw up shrooms before eating to many.

    I think the person means safest as in it wont harm your body like the smoke/tar in weed hurts your lungs and shit like that.
  6. I'm not too sure about that.
    I would think shrooms to damage your stomach somehow...
    Maybe your brain, too...just not AS much as Ebomb does.
  7. Health - Wise, they won't kill ya. Infact, Im willing to be its one of the safest drug's out there. Why would it damage your stomach? Its not acidic or toxic, Your brain? Why would it damage your brain, it doesn't have any chemicals that would react negitvely with it.

    Emotionally, if your an inexperinced user, you could have a bad trip if you take alot.
    But, that comes with the experince, would you rather not take that risk, Or have an amazing experince, Connect with the world, and See the Universe in a different POV. Life is short, don't take it for granted.
  8. You guys all realize that mushrooms naturally contain more carcinogens than ciggs and rat poison combined right? Even the "edible" mushrooms you get from the grocery store.

    But you can absolutley overdose on mushrooms. Too large of a dose can cause too heavy a trip, aka a "bad trip." I can attest to that shit.
  9. yeah lexus but an "overdose" is considered to be a potentially lethal, toxic dose of any substance.
  10. crusher101, let me further elaborate on that. An "overdose" is a dose in which causes adverse effects (eg, you don't have to OD to have a bad trip.) You're talking about LD50, a measurement of a dose in which will kill 50% of the test subjects (usually animals.)
  11. ok i learn alot from the guys at work... this guy told me he did 8 grams at once one time... he said nothing bad happend other then this wicked intenst trip. psilocybin wont hurt your brain in any way. it simply depleats your brain of seratonin causing you to trip.

    dont quote me on that though... i could be completly wrong
  12. shrooms arent toxic, i know that for a fact. the physical health risks are slim to none, and mostly temporary- im talking about puking or diharrhea, thats about it. no worse than the genetically modified meat we all eat every day...

    but they can certainly have dangerous effects on you, mentally. i have no trouble believing that folks have injured themselves or others while under the influence. its tough to quantify, but lets face it- its avoidable with good planning.

    similarly, shrooms can have a profound impact on mental health, and it can go in a zillion different ways. good, bad, neither,or in between. who knows. proper planning and respnsibility can prevent anything bad.


    but yeah tryptamines are fairly safe. the only downside to shrooms are galerinas, fucking look-a-likes.
  14. Psilocybin and psilocin can be toxic but only in extremely extremely high doses. And each person has a different sensitivity to psilocybin and psilocin so the amount it takes could vary slightly. Anyway it HAS happend before but is extremely rare.
  15. well heres my input, i dont know if it means anything, but my shroom dealer ate 2 8ths, one one day, and another the next, and when he ate the second 8th on the second day he had to go to the hospital and get his stomach pumped.

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