Psilocybin honey extraction tutorial (with pics)

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    This extraction/preservation method makes for a convenient,tasty and stealthy
    way to store your psilocybin/psilocin..
    The finished product does not smell,taste or look like
    a shroomage product at all , just a dark thick honey with a slight orange flavour..
    The extraction efficiency is about 80% as far as I can tell..
    The first extraction of P. Ovoids from a couple months ago ,has held up really well in the fridge..I would suggest freezing for long term though..

    Stuff u need..Of special importance, is 40 dry grams of cubensis (or as much as you want really), a large heavy fry pan and rubber spatula..Also the ascorbic acid crystals and honey [health food store]


    Set up your quarter pint honey jar ,so it is heating in a small pot with water..
    This will sanitize the jar and make the honey more fluid..
    Sit the jar on it's lid so the heat doesn't crack it..Set the stove on low and


    Crush your mush [40 g dry] and in a saucepan add 1 quart water and a Tbsp
    of Ascorbic acid crystals..This helps with the extraction/preservation
    of the magic..


    Simmer the mush for 25 mins..and setup your strainer ..I use a piece cut from a poly dress shirt -lasts for many many extractions and has a tight weave for fine filtering..
    Lay the material in a colander standing in the frypan..


    After 25 min simmer , pour everything into the filter and allow to drain..


    Pick up the filter cloth and squeeze out the remaining juice..[wearing rubber gloves helps ALOT heh...


    Put the filter back in place and slowly pour 1/2 cup cold water into the mush. So now it has cooled some , you can really twist the crap out of it without burning up..


    Now begin frying down your extract ,use moderate to high heat but u must stir continuously especially as it begins to thicken..Don't want to burn the goods but we gotta make good time too ..


    As it thickens to the point shown above , it's time to add the heated honey.
    Both the honey and the cooked extract will have the same degree of syrupyness heh..
    Only about half of the jar is added so you have room for everything..discard the extra


    Cook a few minutes longer and stir constantly..Then pour into your now empty honey jar..


    As you can see by the spoonfull scooped out , it has a jelly like texture once cooled..
    It's good stuff peeps..The biggest pain in the ass with this is, the constant stirring required for 30 mins ,so pull up a stool..heh
    From start to finish, this should take exactly one hour..Any longer then your risking a loss
    of goods.


    Refridgerated for 8 weeks, the first extract that was made is still very close to it's original strength..

    Freezing maybe good for years..I haven't actually tried a freeze/thaw but i will, with this new jar....


    To figure dosage, divide the number of ml. in the jar by the number of grams used in the extract ..In this case 125ml divided by the 40g dry ..With the efficiency at 80% , that means only 32 of the 40 grams are converted to usable dosing..

    so 125ml divided by 32g = 4ml per gram..


    Thanks goes to golly for his wisdom and inspiration.

    Enjoy. :bongin: :hippie:
  2. Nice guide.

    Why do you need the acid though? I believe psylocibin is water soluble and adding anything to the water reduces absorption.

    Does it help with preserving?
  3. The ascorbic acid helps the extraction/preservation of the magic.
  4. just eat them? Don't see the point in extracting it when the amount of raw material required to be consumed to trip isn't much anyway
  5. nice guide, ill have to try this sometime
  6. This is for storing just the psilocybin. You can put the product from this on toast and the like, and there's no taste of shrooms.
  7. Or maybe the fact that dried psilocybin mushrooms are considered a controlled substance in most countries. A jar of honey is about as discreet as it gets.

    GREAT POST B/O! Never have I done this but I have seen similar guides!
  8. I've heard you get a clearer trip with the extract because many toxins are left behind. It's also good for people that have sensitive stomachs to shrooms.
  9. This is basically the hash oil of shrooms, so a purer product is always going to result in a better experience.
  10. How would the honey work for cooking or baking? I make a base for a sacramental drink and it uses honey so I considered going this route, my main concern is that the cooking of the base will cause the psilocybin to break down too far to be useful or potent. I'm also uncertain about dosage, I use 1c of honey to a gallon of base and I'm not sure of how much in the way of mushrooms I should use making the honey. The other part of it is that the base also has alcohol added and I am uncertain of what effects that will have on the psilocybin in both the long term and short term. Can it cause a breakdown of the chemical? Also, how effective is it to simply stuff the honey jar with mushrooms and let it sit for 30-60 days?
  11. man good vibes for sure!
    Im embarrased to be in the box and never have done shrooms, but its the truth. im definetly gunna memorize this for later times. +rep
  12. this is bangin + rep! i always wanted to find some way to hide shrooms stealthy besides powder, you try it out yet man?
  13. It's never a good idea to expose psilocybin to heat for a longer than a couple mins, even then you could be losing some "magic". I don't know how you make your sacrament exactly so I can't say how you would incorporate this in to it, but experimenting never hurt anyone.

    Dosage information is located at the bottom of the guide
    I would imagine that simply shoving the mushrooms in to the honey will preserve them nicely, as this is a common method of preservation, however I highly doubt the psilocybin and psilocin are just going to leach out in to the honey like that.

    This is about as stealthy as it gets... The main purpose for me, is so that I can travel with mushrooms in my checked luggage. Also, yes I have tried this obviously and it works great..

    I like to put about 10ml on a piece of toast or cornbread
  14. nice guide, i might have to try it sometime
  15. Fuckin awasome guide.
  16. +Rep for the awesome guide, dude. Definitely going to give this a try when I get some mushies on hand.
  17. I wish I had my camera So I could post my response to this...

    Thank you, awesome guide.
  18. I vote for sticky!
  19. Thanks for the guide, I'll have to try this one day.

    Produced very similar results with Blue Agave, 88% dark chocolate belnded with canabutter, and a strong steeped extract of mush/water.

    With the proper application of microwaves...Viola!

    Electric Chocolate Glass!!

    Great for diabetics too.
  20. uhhhhhhhhh...
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