Pseudoephedrine ?

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  1. recreational purposes?
  2. You can make meth or you can just take it and be hyperstimulated for a few hours.
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    its a shitty stimulant it has a similarity in chemical structure to the amphetamines.

    also people use it to make meth.what do you have it as.sudafed?or somekind of nasal spray?

  4. No, I have like 3 60mg Pseudoephedrine

    If its a stimulant, would say 120mg give me a nice stimulant feeling?
  5. ya that should get you speeding.
  6. Ephedrine and Psuedoephedrine can cause bad heart problems, and are worse than amphetamines.

    It's not really good for anything other than making meth or getting rid of a cold.
  7. Make meth, get sick then use it, or toss it.
  8. Well i'm not gonna make meth, but doesn't sound that great anyways so whatever.

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