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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Pegelski, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Anyone play PS4? I just got overwatch and fortnite and I play a lot of black ops 3, add me: Pegelski4

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  2. Get Friday the 13h the game and we can tag team on it :smoke: or GTA V
  3. I need more ps4 games waiting on the new ones,.

    Psn: Isitbluttimeyet

  4. Games I'm waiting for are red dead 2 days gone by star wars battlefront 2 and last of us 2
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  5. & I've just dropped £40 for a years ps+ the prices go up to £50 when mine runs out Tuesday so I got it before the price goes up:ey:
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  6. Days gone look awesome , sucks we couldn't get an official release day. Red dead is a must haha. Ill be preordering Battlefront pretty soon!
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  7. The-evil-thing5

    Lately I play mostly killing floor 2. I also play:
    COD BO3, IW, and a little mwr.
    Rocket League
    The division(not really)
  8. LiquidPirate for Black Ops Zombies man!!

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  9. Hey I'm always on battlefield 1... If anyone wants to add me... tweekisluh...
  10. I got Overwatch on Saturday so i'm mainly playing that atm but I have Black ops zombie chronicle, Borderlands, Steep, Star Wars Battlefront, GTA V and a few more. My PSN is TheGingerHitman feel free to add me dudes
  11. Been playing FIFA 18 since it came out dropped £60 on it I'm impressed so far I've completed the journey and not doing bad online
  12. Anyone play shadow of mordor?
  13. I'm trying to get NBA LIVE 18

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