Ps4 Or X-Box One?

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    This is for the gamers out there..Mircosoft fans and Sony fans.....Which new generation consoles you can't wait for and interested in buying for this Holiday.
    Sorry, I don't have the picture of the PS4 console because the picture haven't been released. Sony will show the world on E3 2013.


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  2. I'll go with the one that looks like a VCR.

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  3. America(Microsoft), fuck yea
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    I heard on X-Box one have to pay fees to borrow a used game from your friend
  5. That is fucked.

    PS4 but only bc Sony are less of cocksuckers than Microsoft.

    IMO PC gaming is the way to go.
  6. There's a giant thread on this in Gamer's Heartbeat.
    And the general consensus there and everywhere else on the internet is that Xbox One is going to be garbage. For once, gamers can all agree on one thing lol.
    Theres a difference between "Fees" and the whole fuckin license, about a 55 dollar value and there is speculation there will be a fee ontop of that. 
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    ps4, iv an xbox 360 and the 60euro a year is stupid. but iv so many 360 games:/ hmmmm
    Its not backwards compatible. 
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    You won't be able to play 360 or original Xbox games on the One.
    Microsoft claims that it's because it has a different architecture, so not even XBL arcade games will work.
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    ps4 for definite then!
  12. Gotta love that in all the threads that talk about the next gen consoles and which one people will choose, somebody always has to be the guy to bring up pc gaming even though it wasn't really an option. I mean I get it, you can customize your pc and make it top notch whenever you wanna. But these topics are for console gaming... 
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    my understanding: xbox one games are proprietary. you'll be able to use them on one console (no selling or sharing), and you must be connected to the internet to play even single player games (so that microsoft can confirm the game code or whatever).
    I don't even play video games but I think that's fucked up.
  14. well...sooorrry.  :rolleyes: 

    It's not like I didn't vote or comment on the subject at hand.

    Funny how the smallest comments drive people up the wall, isn't it?  :poke:
  15. The government is going to spy on you through the new xbox. I heard it from that one guy.. 
  16. Playstation 4 is going to win this round. 
  17. I've noticed that too, isn't it hilarious that we don't even have all the details yet and people already hate it?

    Every time new consoles are released all I hear is "Sony is more powerful blah blah" "Sony is definitely better because blah blah blah" lmfao

    I'm gonna wait til I have all the facts and buy the one I like best. :)
  18. Just get a nice PC and support PC gaming, plus you can use it for other things. Consoles are a rip off.
  19. I mean I was referring to your post but it'll turn from the occasional I like pc gaming comment to every other post is "my pc > everything else" or consoles are shitty just get a pc, etc. Those are more of the posts that just don't make sense to me

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