Ps4 Or The Next Xbox?

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  1. Hey guys, the next gen is creeping up on us, and since both the Xbox and PS4 announcements are now out into the world, which system will you be buying? If both, then which will you be saving up for, first? oh, and why?
    I will personally be picking up the PS4. Why?
    - Many reasons, the PS4 will be developer friendly(the console was made around that idea), so a lot of devs will be making a lot of great, accessible game for the console.
    - I have supported Sony since the PS, so this will be no difference.
    Basically...almost anything said in this video:

    You guys?
    PS: I don't condone console wars, but hell, if you want to start one, I won't back down. Sony lover from the start!

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  2. Hell yea man, PS4 ALL DA WAY!!! Fuck xbox
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  3. i'll definitely get a ps4 over the new xbox. lol 
  4. Fuck gaystation
  5. I doubt i'll be buying either, probably go halfsies on a ps4 so my buddy can game out all the time and me when i want too. 
  6. Probably neither im 20 now and I lost my passion for all video games. Weird, with it being my main hobby my whole life. If I do it would be xbox I grew up with ps1 and was a slave and switched to xbox I had the ps2 too but im done with sony
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    Xbox has too many negatives:
    no trading games with friends
    hard drive can't be replaced if it goes bad
    must connect to the internet once every day to even work
    has a camera that watches you even if it isn't turned on
    you need a kinect for it to even work
    GDDR5 is way fuckin faster than DDR3.....DDR3 was outdated like 5 years ago
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  8. Ps4 hands down the Xbox is nothing special
  9. neither, i'm taking this opportunity to switch back to pc gaming.  whenever consoles come out, computer hardware tends to see a nice price drop.  also, neither of these systems are going in a direction i like.  i might get one down the road when the prices drop if there are exclusives that i really want.
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  10. Watched the Xbox announcement 
    Still gonna grab a PlayStation 4 I think. 

    Xbox did some cool shit, but I don't think I'm ready to start talking and waving to my TV ... I personally do not believe that motion gaming will ever take over completely, but I may be old school.... Nah fuck that, I'm from the 90s I'm not even that old. 

    The new shit looks like a brick, putting vents on top was kind of stupid of you ask me. Only cool thing is the TV tuner, and I don't really watch TV as much as I do movies and Netflix

    Controller was nice, but kind of a step back IMO. the 360 sticks were ALMOST perfect, just had that busted ass battery pack on the back that got in the way, and always took AAs that always get stolen and passed around between remotes around the house. Still dont have a rechargeable pack built in? What the hell? I have headphones with rechargeable batteries. The fuck Microsoft? You got a deal with Duracell???

    It'll sell, but I think Imma grab a PS4 and all I've seen was the sticks (controller). 
    19 days until e3... Hope Sony doesnt do a bunch of nonsense, and keeps it a pretty hardcore system as compared to the competition like in the last generation. I alwas felt like Nintendo and Microsoft made game consoles, while Sony made a home entertainment system that did everything.
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    I am pretty much with you. Except I do like that the 360 controller had batteries instead of rechargeable packs. I would buy rechargeable batteries and have a rotation going so there would always been some charged up and ready for me, but it just made it more convenient instead of having to plug in a controller to charge it every once innawhile (which really isn't that big of a deal when it comes down to it though). 
    I personally don't like to look of the new xbox controllers, I think they look big and bulky like the original xbox controllers but then again I haven't seen them in front of me so I could be wrong, but I will def stick with sony. Microsoft wants to charge us hundreds of dollars for a console which I can see. On top of that they want us to pay out the ass for xbox live though as well as used games? Sorry but the only reason I chose an xbox 360 over a ps3 was because more friends were on xbox live than psn, and now that I don't play games online that much it'll look like I am switching back to playstation so I don't have to pay $60 a year or whatever it is to watch netflix. 
    I know sony hasn't talked about whether or not they will charge for used games to be played on different consoles and whatnot but either way I figure they will keep their free online, and I will deal with the laggy online system if it is free. Plus xbox only really interested me for halo and now that bungie doesn't do halo, it kind of lost it's interest for me. 
    In all honesty though, I won't be getting a new console for awhile. I barely play my 360 except recently I have been replaying all my grand theft autos on ps2 and 360 in preparation for the new one..but really I don't need a new console, when I do play it is the same old games I have been playing like FIFA or madden or GTA. 
    uhh, you can get rechargable battery packs with 360 controllers.  unfortunately you have to buy a play n charge kit, but that shit's worth it.  those controllers run through AA's way too quick.
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    Neither, my PC can already run circles around both those consoles put together.
    Over the next generation (almost 10 years) those consoles are going to continue to be outdated while graphics cards, CPU's, and other components are released pretty often.
    If I had to choose, I'd pick PS4. I didn't have a PS3, but had a PS2. Xbox 1 is just not that good. Nothing really appeals to me about it because I don't watch that much TV or play fantasy football.
    Edit: By the way, the GDDR5 RAM in the PS4 is pointless... RAM isn't the bottleneck on consoles. It's the crappy graphics units.
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  14. Going to wait. The last xboxs failure rate was ridiculous. As a modder, the Xbox was More modder friendly, but the fact it failed so much saddened me. My ps3 was also modded but the community died. Also, there seemed to be more games I liked on Xbox, but the exclusives for ps3 were better, though further in between, and my launch ps3 hasn't failed once in all these years. Paying to play games you already own online is an Xbox negative. (paying to own most games is a ripoff IMO).

    Now, things I know are going to happen, hate, and hope the game industry learns from is the social media aspect. Many gamers like myself don't want to be "connected," ESPecially those of us who grew up playing single player games and who don't get a hardon for cod. Since they're both going the annoying Facebook route of connecting your friends so they can see what you're always doing, I'll wait to choose a system based on the above, that is less social media friendly, more modder friendly, has good exclusives, and is reliable.

    I'll also choose the one who doesn't try to charge me for each step of the process. That said, I'll wait a few years and watch.
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    If C4eva or some other modding crew mod the new xbox i'll get it.
    If not I'll be getting a ps4.
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    PC Hardware > Console Hardware
    PS3 Exclusives > PC Exclusives
    Second one can be considered opinion, but most PS3 exclusives were rated above any other console and/or PC exclusive game. MMO's excluded, of course. You could also get most PC games on the PS3 as well. I like the Playstation, because you can get amazing games(amazing stoner games as well)that you can't get on the PC, and most PC games, like Portal for example, are available for PS3, AND you can play cross play online with PS3 and PC.
    PS4 should also have some amazing exclusives, they have devs like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Thatgamecompany, and Sucker Punch behind their backs. Plus, I hate the feel of a keyboard and mouse, just personal preference, though.
    Edit: I also want to point out the fact that consoles having lesser hardware than PC's means nothing as of now. Sure, PC can get better graphics on games, but Farcry 3 for example, had beautiful graphics on the PS3 that I was more than happy with, and it ran at a steady 60FPS or whatever it ran at. It didn't lag is what i'm trying to say. I would rather pay 300 for a console that can play Farcry 3, Batman Arkham City, and an exclusive like Ucharted, then pay thousands for a computer.
    Main upsides I see to computers are modding communities and torrents. That's about it, in terms of gaming, but consoles still keep up with PC's, regardless of the hardware. 
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  17. I'm going PS4 if I decide to get another console. I haven't watched the Xbox One reveal, only a few commentators, and what I heard was not good at all. The PS4 has plenty features I would enjoy. I'm pissed that neither console offers backward-compatibility, though.
  18. At this stage? Playstation 4.
    I feel the same way about the new Xbox as I did about the Wii when it was announced: "That's not a gaming console, it's a toy".
  19. It would strongly depend on the modding scene. I would never buy one release due to the insane prices....
    I already have a PC setup with like 2 grand into it, why would i buy a console? 
    Besides my computers capabilities, i barely even have time to game anymore, it would probably just collect dust if i did buy one. 
    Also console game prices are crap, i'd rather just buy my games on steam during their sales and pay like half price for new releases and 75% off on all other games.... I bought Saints Row 3 for 13$ when it was still listed for 60$ on 360..... 
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  20. PS4 will be backwards compatible, but not in the traditional sense.
    Eventually, and I mean eventually, all games from PS1 to PS3 will be available to stream online across the PS Network. So you can basically download it and play. You wont have an actual disc to use, but it will just be on the system.
    Still, I would much rather have an actual disc to use.
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