PS3 vs Xbox 360

Discussion in 'General' started by reno911, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Whixh one do you like better and why?
  2. Xbox 360, price, games, Xbox Live.
  3. ive owned both, the ps3 i only bought to sell, but who knows if i test drove it? haha, xbox 360 by a football field and a half ps3 sucks

    xbox live, the price is better, better controler and games, jus all around
  4. yeah xbox 360 ftw!
  5. I had a PS3... before it was stolen. I loved it and after following E3 this year I must say it has a really good future. My friend has a 360 and I was never really intrested in it. I may get one when I get my inharitence next year, I'll probably just get a new comp though. Deffinitly getting another PS3 and Wii though.

    Only reason I'd want a 360 is for Mass Effect and Too Human.
  6. yea, i would have to agree with you guys even though i think the PS3 hardware is way better build and has more bang for your buck; the 360 still wins because of the games, xbox live, and the main reason; the halo series.

    Im trying to get a 360 myself, i found a site where you can get one for free, even though it takes some effort and work, message me if you want any info.
  7. I like the 360 but I have had to send it back 3 times in 8 months because of the blinking red lights. Hardware failure!!!! And let me tell you It hardly ever gets played but 5 -10 hours a MONTH. I can remember when the original nintendo came out I would play the nintendo for Hours on end every day.

    SO IN MY BOOK The Original NINTENDO wins by a 1000 miles!
  8. i guess it boils down to your opinion, i choose the 360 over ps3 any day,
    i rock my 360 ALOT and ive never had any trouble, and in my opinion in side by side graphics comparison in multiple games the 360 wins by alot,
    but eventualy there will be a game that makes use all of the processors in the ps3 and it will probably rock the house.
  9. :hello:

  10. The Wii tells you everday how long you play for after your done. I think they purposly didnt put this feature on other systems so people wouldnt know how much their system isnt getting played. My Wii prolly has the same amount of hours played on it the first week I had it in comparison to the 360, but Im still waiting for good games for it , gtaIV, halo3

    ^^I also heard the excessive number of ps3 processors will actually render it less effiecient, that was probably a rumor though
  11. i got a ps3 cause im not a big fan of microsoft, its bad enough i use windows, but i got a ps3 for a few reasons, the main reason is that it doesnt overheat, and it has the games i want, mab not at the time but it will. right now both systems dont have a game i want, i got ninja gaiden mlb the show and f1, gaiden being the best out there right now for the system but there will be more, oh and u dont have to pay for online use.
  12. 360 is 10x better and always will be, but i think people are gonna be surprised how much PS3 improves over the next year or so...not this christmas, but next, i wouldnt be surprised if PS3 was the top seller...and the better system (imo the only things making 360 better are

    1. bigger online community, but its not free like ps3
    2. way more (and better games), but that will change as developers get comfortable with ps3

    BUT PS3 has the built in blu ray, free online play, etc.

    When i buy one tho, its gotta be 360..i mean Halo 3, GTA IV, and Madden 08 ftw. ALLL DAY.
  13. Definently Xbox 360. Games, Xbox live, in my vision, it can't get any better.
  14. Yes PS3 is defffff way better. Better games IMO (halo isnt that great rather play socom 2), better graphics, free online, and if you have an hd tv you are set. Plus 360 seems to malfunction more.
  15. My Wii is never used, I'd recommend not buying one for AT LEAST another year....the game line up simply blows.
  16. PS3 costs 50$ more than the 360 here now. I own 360 and have no regrets, the game lineup isn't that great yet. PS3 sounds like a resonable buy to me, that is if i bu the 1080p SHARP TV, to play Bluray.

    Ps3 will have tons of games in the future, i can imagine how good MGS4 will be.

    60GB PS3 bundle- 550$
    20GB 360 bundle w/ game. - 499$

    I see playstation in my future, i just hope they make a bigger controller, its too tiny and light.
  17. The Wii.

    The new consoles focus far too much on how the games look compared to gameplay.
  18. halo isnt out yet, have you played halo 3 beta or something?? How do you know socom 2 is better?? :rolleyes:
  19. those prices are a rip for those systems...

    bestbuy sells the PS3 for 499
    Xbox core is 250
    xbox pro 399
    elite 499

    but the 360 has tons of games out now moreso than ps3 so id go withthat for now. you know the ps3 when more games become availible will drop even lower in price
  20. 360 all the way. I still play Gears (of War) almost every day.

    EDIT- Wait for Call of Duty 4 and Assasin's Creed and......(fades off into ramble).

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