ps3 v. xbox 360

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  1. i have a ps3 my guy has a xbox we argue all da time which one is better my da killer on da debate ends when i say ps3 plays blu-ray and xbox doesnt play any hd disc movies. like 2 hear the feed back
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    there was a thread on this recently.

    i think xbox live is way better than ps3 online and i also like the gaming community for the 360 more. yeah the ps3 online is free compared to 4 dollars a month for xbox but you get what you pay for. i also believe the 360 has much better games currently.

    this thread is pretty much pointless though because the people who own xbox 360 will defend what they purchased, and the same with ps3 people....there isnt a "best" console, its just preference.
  3. 360 in game selection, online play, and user interface, i like it more overall, but i can definitely admit that ps3's hardware specs kick the 360's aaaaassss, so i dont get why gta doesnt play any smoother...
  4. 360 is a peice of shit hardware and they break alot but the game selection is the best

    MS customer service is pretty damn good tho they fix your console for free

    but now i hear they got a better versions out that dont break nearly as much, i think its called the jasper chip

    just try to find a brand new system with the jasper chip and you should be str8
  5. Wow it doesn't play hd disks but whats that blu ray is going to be obsolete in a few years when everything is downloaded.
  6. I own a 360 and will be a ps3 owner soon. Ps3 will never see a game as Ill be booting ubunto on it. If it wasnt such a pain I would have ubunto on my xbox. Microsoft wanted 120 to fix my console back in december. Game seltion is great with the 360 by far. Blu ray is just a selling gimick.
  7. Im gonna buy a 360 or ps3 soon, and was deciding on what to get. I think it just has to do with eveybody is used to or has..
    the only reason i was thinkin about a ps3 is the blu ray, but fuck it im a an xbox dude. :)
  8. I used to be all for xbox back in the day when it was superior to the ps2, until I realized they were pieces of shit. My first original xbox broke, the replacement broke and the new 360 I had broke.
    Also I don't see what everyones deal is about Playstation Network vs. Xbox Live. Its exactly the same. You log on and play the game. And its FREE

  9. the customer service is fantastic because their shit consoles break all the fucking time. But I think its just sad that you have to search and find the consoles your talking about that don't break. If 360s didn't break I would buy them hands down, but as for now I would much rather buy a ps3 and never have to worry about it
  10. I had a Ps3 ... and sold it ... so I could buy an Xbox
  11. Better servers,less lag, voice talk and idk better mods and admins.
  12. I own an Xbox 360 but i have also played on a PS3 and i have to say that the Xbox 360 has a much better Game selection. I mean with the 2 powerhouse titles Gears and Halo Xbox exclusive games are just fucking beast and all of the games that were only for PS3 have been adding their games to the 360 because they outsell their PS counterparts. So Xbox 360 all the way!!!!!

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