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PlayStation Ps3 Owners Whats Your Psn Id?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Confrontation? Sorry but why? I loved the other SOCOM games but this one was rough. Unless they fixed it, which would be great.

    I'm Sam12Ash on PSN. On COD: Waw and MW2. Mention GC in your message.
  2. psn: art1sticc

    I play mw2, bfbc2, transformers WFC, resistance 2. :hello:
  3. on that mw2 getting ready for black ops

    psn - gsaint28

    I'm good, I promise. Not pro...but good haha
  4. abovtheclouds420

  5. GingeQuiq_Scope cod modern warfare 2 only
  6. COPENHAGEN307 MW2 only for now till i buy some more games i just bought the ps3
  7. GOpherhockey4832

    check it, KZ2, some NHL 11
    check it fools.
  8. salvucci91 is my PSN ID;

    been murking MAG and Castle Crashers lately!! :hello:
  9. IM1h3GH0st
    GTA IV, Skate 2 & 3, MW2, RB6V2
  10. Psn Id: TruebornJingai

    Games: red faction, wipeout, kz2, uncharted 2 (I can't believe I played through the end so blazed I can't remember the ending! It was such a good story too... :/), and ill be getn possibly borderlands, moh, idk. Mostly playin kz 2 kz3 is gonna rock!

    I'm also getn a mic soon so anybody that wants to goofoff online and/or strategize tactics add me peace.
  11. Hit me up, just got my ps3 yesterday :D

  12. PSN:reganito

    whar im currently playing:

    black ops
    oblivion (offline)
    bioshock (offline)
    castlevania: symphony of the night
  13. PSN: Intension92

    usually play
    NHL 11
    Bad Company 2
    Gran Turismo 5 ( only cuz i just got it tho)
  14. TrojanManFTW

    Gran Turismo 5
    Medal of Honor
    Red Dead Redemption
    I'm always up for some posse action.
  15. Same as my forum name - DFogz

    I've got tons of games so add me, there's definitely something we'll have in common
  16. PSN is the same as my name on GC: diamonds51

    I play a lot of COD and MLB the Show

    Add me up, i'm always down to blaze and game. I will never reject a friend request.
  17. PSN: 8bitfist
    Go on and and me.
    Will be getting Killzone 3 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 when it comes out.

    No COD

    Currently playing: Dead Nation
  18. hey all. I am online pretty much everday.

    PSN: Drsmalls420

    feel free to add me. I am also looking for some BFBC 2 players to get a squad goin.
  19. lol just realized an error.

    PSN: x8bitfist

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