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PlayStation Ps3 Owners Whats Your Psn Id?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. just got a ps3..i play mw2 sNd and gta4 and im gettin Lbp in a few days but yeah add me and i listen to underground rap and i hate it when ppl bitch about a game just here to have fun so add me... Napalm209
  2. PSN = Hebrewery

    I mostly play COD online, 4 or MW2. Sometimes Guitar Hero 5 but the online system sucks balls.
  3. Just got back into a MWF2 kick, my psn is ccK_420 if any blades wanna play, im not the greatest but whatever
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    AresKenux, I play cod4 on this acc,


    RigaMortus, I play mw2, blur demo, and carbon on this one.
  5. greetings stoners!

    i suggrst you add Bbnk to your friends list because all i play is CoD 4, CoD 5, and MW2. just send me a friend requestsaying that your from grasscity and i will add you.
  6. HxC-Skullhead

    Youve probably got that ass handed to you on mw2 by I
  7. Same as my name here.. Nivalwolf. Holla to all the ones who've played with me or gotten killed by me (played against me ;) ) :p
  8. MWF2 anyone? D:
  9. Im down, PSN same as my name here ERYQ111(all lowercase but it doesnt read well on the PC) what games modes do you play? Im open for anything, not the best but im ok, also if anyone else wants to add just put "Grasscity" or "GC" in the msg
  10. Fourtwenty4201

    I play red dead redemption, gta iv, TBOGT, TLAD, little big planet and shit.
  11. PSN: Caughtowl

    I love playing Call of Duty :hello:

  12. I sent you and a couple of others who listed MWF2 friend requests (cck_420)
  13. macntreez420

    i play mw2 and ssf4
  14. This will get locked and you may get modded for it since there's a sticky thread for this...
    But MAzing87 means a lot. The 87 was my number when I played for a small I-AA team in football. MA represents the state I live in. And I consider myself to be well
  15. jame_hime

    add me if you play killzone 2, mw2, the show 09 or 10, or nhl 11 (comes out tomorrow sep. 7!!!!)
  16. WanderingMidget
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    dumspir0sper0 (i think...)

    i play mw2 a lot recently, but im a noob... my japanese pure blood is not helping me with that game...
  18. Rob547, I've friended a few GC members in the past in the COD thread that was around but nothing ever happened from it. Definitely hit me up!
  19. add me, zobane
    i play anything, mostly skate 3 and MW2 at the moment though haha

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