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PlayStation Ps3 Owners Whats Your Psn Id?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. kufan420
    I mostly play cod 4 and 5, socom, or oblivion(the greatest game while stoned).
  2. Hobbins420 i only have socom right now but i plan on getting a couple more
  3. O_GGillies

    nhl10/ gt5
  4. Same as my name here. Add me if you want.
  5. I play most of the online multi-player games. (BFBC2,AVP,CoD)

    Dr.Smalls420 - add me
  6. howoldaml (I meant to use an I instead of an L on the end of it, I was probably high when I set it up, lol).

    All I really play is MW2, but I'll be all over Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out.
  7. bigbluntburnin94... i play Bad Company 2 and Mw2
  8. shortdudeicp I generally play skate 3 nowadays
  9. mine is I-800-GET-BLiiTZ make sure that the '1' is an I because you had to start your name with a letter XD

    im usually on mw2
  10. altamont10

    usually playing world at war, definitely going to be playing gran turismo when it finally gets here :smoke:
  11. bromoje
    I wreck shop at cod mw2

    that's a lie. i suck dick:smoking:
  12. we should make a ps3 mw2 GC clan add me I-800-GET-BLiiTZ the 1 is an I because you gotta start the name with a letter, if your good you're in, if you suck, well bye :p
  13. Drybananna

    Add, esp if you play bad company 2. :smoke:
  14. I'm in whenever I get the game. lol Add me: Itsmy6
  15. tubbywubby420

    Can't wait for playstation move.
  16. PSN ID: yallaah
    Next games im gonna play;
    - LBP2
    - Fallout new vegas
    - Medal of honor, or COD7.
    - R.U.S.E. !!!! People thinking on playing this (invite me.) :D
  17. <<< same as that.

    Not really on all that much though. Maybe on FIFA 10 every so often or some shit.
  18. Can't wait for Mafia 2.

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