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PlayStation Ps3 Owners Whats Your Psn Id?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by NCDROGRO, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. I'm wanting to try the new nazi zombies map, so if anyone wants to hit me up it's zero omega420.
  2. aerialsman, usually on 4 days a week
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    I think my PSN ID is Hapysack

    Little Big planet
    Fat princess

    not sure if anyone on here knows about this or not but you can trade PSN Games, I've got quite a few for trade if anyone's interested hit me up, I want warhawk!!
  4. ColonelHillbilly

  5. what do you mean trade?
  6. ilikeuglygirls

  7. Well I read more into it and seemingly it works like so; You can buy games on the PSN and you can DL them from any PS3 you log onto, so if you have a friend who has some games you want come over and DL the games for you or give you their PSNID its free for you :)

    I got some games off a few friends and gave fat princess to a few people, I guess you can only redownload something you got off the PSN 5 times though. So make sure you don't lock yourself out of your Downloads.
  8. damn thats sweet, too bad i dont know anyone
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    cod5 waw
    battlefield bc 2
    marvel vs capcom2
    gt5 prologue
    and a few others but those are the ones i usually play.
  10. HinduKushKid

    Cod WaW
    Cod 4 MWF
  11. BlueMagic610, who's ready for that new COD Modern Warfare 2?:smoking:
  12. eleven357 and MarleysDank
  13. GTP_Sleepy

    GTP is form Gran Turismo Planet. I used to play at competitions, so "GTP" was like a tag so people knew where you were from.

    Usually On Little Big Planet, Flower, and Gran Turismo Prologue
  14. what BMW's are on GT Prologue?

  15. 135i Coupe '07
    135tii '08
    M3 Coupe '07
    Z4 '03
  16. thanks.

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