PS3 MW2 - Clan 420

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by grasscityuser42, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Send me a FR and we can play. Me and my friends have all been 420 since COD4. If you ran into a beast 420 clan, it may have been us.
    Don't care about killdeath ratio or wins and losses. But you should know that we range from 1.5 to 2.5 KD's, and 1.0-3.0 Wins/Losses. We always win.
    No kids.

    gt: Neveryoulive420
  2. Ill look you up homie. I'm thedeck9. peep that shit.
  3. Ill be on in a sec. and tomorrow like all day.
  4. Ill add you when I go on next. I try to play everyday for atleast an hour. My K/D is like 1.13..really bad streak I've been having. My PSN is alexburnsred.
  5. Yeah, I'll be on about 5pm ET
  6. I suck but am getting better.

    PSN: sqrl33
  7. My PSN is sanchez8286
    Lvl.54 ..I'm Pretty Good
    Im going to add you when i
    go onine.
    If other people want to add me than you
    are welcome to do so. :D:D11
  8. I am only level 30 but I'm pretty good at this game. my IGN is Crimson-Armada, and I smoke about 2 ounces a week so I think I'm qualified both in game and in real life to join your clan. i'll add you next time I go online. Thanks!
  9. Strapped420 is my PSN.
    If its one of the right maps, I can guarantee im gonna be number one. rank 43
    better hope your on my team.
  10. PSN: terzim1
    level 57 add me, Ill be baked ;)
  11. Add me, I'm a level 40. I'm pretty good, But not the best. Any can add me. I would like to join clan 420. mrslayer67 is my psn id

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