PS3: Looking for a four-person shooter

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  1. Looking for a fun game that's not too complicated, so that when I have friends stop by that never played the game, they will be able to pick it up easy. I remember having the first Resistance when I first purchased my PS3 a long ass time ago and that was a perfect fit for what I'm looking for. I prefer the shooter to not be too realistic like Socom, Battlefield, etc., but more fictional in a futuristic way. I'm enjoying Killzone right now but unfortunately it's not a four-player game. So far I have been recommended the new Resistance, and I think it's called 'Left 4 Dead'? Anything along those lines would be awesome. Jaw dropping scenery is always a plus.
  2. L4D is NOTHING like Resistance, but it's still a great game. The first is funner than the second and much simpler also.. but it's more of a co-op game that requires strategy, and there are no modes of gameplay where you shoot it out with other people, only people playing as zombies vs you. But I cannot explain how fun of a game it is once you get used to it.

    As generic as it sounds... CoD is pretty simple and easy to pick up. It's not very futuristic or anything. Also I saw an ad for a new Goldeneye game and I hear it's rumored to be pretty good but I don't know a lot about it.
  3. sounds like you want halo

    time to get a box.
  4. Yeah I was misinformed.. guess I'm going to re-buy the first Resistance.
  5. Resistance is ok...

    Not sure, but nazi zombie might be 4 player.

    Who the fuck cares about halo? That shit is full of children. Xbox is for children.

  6. What a fanboy
  7. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']

    Who the fuck cares about halo? That shit is full of children. Xbox is for children.[/quote]

    Dude Halo is better than any PS3 title there is out there.
  8. [quote name='"Jdahms"']sounds like you want halo

    time to get a box.[/quote]

    Or just wait for halo 4 since it will be for ps3 too :)
  9. Lol no it isnt.
  10. [quote name='"Jdahms"']

    since when?[/quote]

    They have a new company making it that prefers ps3 to Xbox so they are making it for both systems.
  11. what are you talking about.

    343 is making it and they are owned by microsoft.

    Halo is owned by microsoft.
  12. [quote name='"Jdahms"']

    what are you talking about.

    343 is making it and they are owned by microsoft.[/quote]

    Ohh idfk my friend told me that

  13. your friend just makes shit up
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  15. [quote name='"Jdahms"']

    that article is from 2009. its dumb speculation by a shitty writer that bungies split with microsoft meant halo 4 would be on ps3.[/quote]

    Oh well it's not even a good game haha
  16. Halo is not a great game... I'd rather watch tv, and I hate tv.

    I'm not a cod fanboy lol, only zombies.

    I am a fan of bf3 but is not 4 players, not even sure it's 2 players.
  17. Halo continues to improve the series drastically with every release, and is at the fore front of innovation in the genre with every release, but yeah halo sucks.
  18. i dont care for halo

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