PS3 for an oz of chron

Discussion in 'General' started by bp4er, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey blades, today I'm thinking about trading my ps3 for an oz of top of the line grade a chron, and a glass bubbler.
    Who thinks this is a bad idea?
    Reason I'm doing it: Not much into video games, play my ps3 like 1, MAYBE 2 times a week, other than that I just stare at it.

    Does this sound like a worthy trade?
    It does to me, after reading a thread about akid who traded a ps3 for a qtr (LOL), anyway it's worthwhile to me seeing how I don't play it and all.

    Anywho, I want your opinions blades/bladies

  2. well shit, if you don't play it why not! I traded a Zune HD for for a quarter once.. bad idea since I used it almost daily.
  3. I did it back in the day.
  4. Lol, this reminds me of when I was younger and sold an xbox to get bud, and a ps2 another time. I regretted it both times because whenever I smoked Id wanna play video games, but had to play shitty PC ones b/c my comp couldnt run shit lol
  5. Concidering walmart was selling ps3s for 199 yea
  6. IMO, if you have to trade/sell your personal possessions to obtain a finite herb, then you are in need of a good long t-break.

    The herb will be gone soon enough. Your enjoyment of the PS3 could last a good long time. Maybe a really great game will come out in a few months and you will find yourself dry and without a PS3. That will suck.

    Just work hard, save your money, and buy what you want.

  7. Step 1) Sell ps3 for oz of "grade a" chron.
    Step 2) split oz into EIGHT, 3.5g bags.
    Step 3) trade four of these at $50 each (fair price, especially if high grade)
    Step 4) 14gs of chron + $200=new ps3.

    Free half oz! And brand new ps3.

    Do it.

  8. thats for the 160gb, mine is 250
  9. [quote name='"bp4er"']

    thats for the 160gb, mine is 250[/quote]

    Like you need the extra 90gb. Is it full?

  10. I'm almost positive that I will regret it eventually, but not for months down the road. Like I said, not much into video games, so at this point I'd much rather have the weed. Especially an oh-zee, yoooommmiiee?!!

  11. Nah it's not full. "see, i told you u don't need the extra 90 gb" <--, save it.
  12. Nah don't, first it will be your ps3, then that old skateboard, your fishing rods from when you were a kid, your surfboards, Airsoft guns... Etc .. You'll just end up selling all your shit...
  13. don't be a fiend.
  14. hell yea do that
  15. i feel ya on needing weed but come on bro... no crack head shit!!
  16. oz of chronic is like 400
  17. Not in my area. Oz of chronic chronic is anywhere from 230-300$.

    Plus, he's giving me a glass bubbler too

  18. if your not using the ps3.... i mean your gonna do what you wanna do any way so i mean the bubblier prolly like 100$ right there... but me personally id rather ask for a blunt and sit on the ps3 all day.. or you could idk maybe try growing so that way you wont have to worry about pawn your hard earned belongings!!
  19. OP probably has an xbox iphone ipad all that shit, if the bubblers nice and the bud is fire, get the oz .. do work with the oz and then see where you're at in a week or so

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