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  1. Alright so ive been getting so frustrated with my cod 4 disc lately, i can start the game up play single player pretty much do anything except launch the multiplayer. Whenever i launch the multiplayer it says reading hdd like normal but then it just boots me out of the game back to my PS3 homescreen, has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it, its pissing me off. I really just wanna pop some mofuckas with my M40. ugh

    If anyone can help at all i would fucking love you for forever, i just really really really really really really really wanna play multiplayer but its bein a litle bitch, soo please help me if you can, danks :smoke:
  2. Just updated my ps3, nothing this is a total bummer cod 4 is the only one i deem worthy enough to play online, now i cant even do that, my life is ruined noooooo. Just kidding but seriously, i tried googling it, all i got was info about some hack where u have to click yes or no, this is not the samething. i'm really bummed, i stole this game from my buddy fair and square. haha. irish i had some answers.....

    Ps thanks in advance for your help GC :smoke:
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    Go to gamestop, buy used copy of mw3. Go home, switch copys. Go back to gamestop and return saying it was faulty. Now you have a working disc.

    Or Cod4 disc, the concept would still apply.

    Unless they shut down the cod 4 mp server. Then your sol.

  4. I dont want mw3< that game sux balls, servers are still up, just a faulty disc or some shit, either way, good idea, i just rent the game, switch discs bam! i win:smoke:

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