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  1. They just don't make couch co-op games like they used to, and I plan on buying a shitload of Ps2 co-op games soon. What is everyones favorite? The ones I have in mind now are:

    Champions of Norrath
    Baldur's Gate
    Dynasty Warriors
    Time Splitters
    Contra: Shattered Steel

    ....and there are a couple other that I can't think of atm.

    Got any recommendations?
  2. Half life for the ps2 has a co op mode.
  3. duuuuuuuuude... I Used to play baldur's gate years ago on the couch with my best friend for like hours upon hours.. we'd forget about time and just keep playing and playing.. that game was the fuckin best. We also played champions of norrath but we didn't really have as much fun with it.

    You have to get san andreas and play co-op with friends, it's fun as hell
  4. dont forget Champions Return to Arms, great sequel
  5. star wars battlefront 2... epic if you like star wars

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