Pryamid Seeds White Widow 2nd grow attempt!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by doom3crazy, May 14, 2010.

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    So this is my 2nd attempt at a cfl grow. I screwed up my first grow by feeding my plant too much nutes and then I transplanted into shitty soil. Anywho...

    My widow is currently in da pot :D its in some MG Seed starting soil. Which I plan on transplanting later into Fox Farm Ocean soil(I ordered online and it came today woot!)

    I cant fail this time. I know what I did wrong before and I am correcting it. :hello:
  2. were on day 3, here is a lil update. She has sprouted and looking good :D

  3. Nothing beats hands on experience man. Good luck this time around!
  4. tender loving care will result in the growth of an amazing plant:)
  5. WW FTW :hello: GL bro :)
  6. Day 5 pics. She is looking good :)

  7. Lookin great man.
  8. look at that sexy lil thang:D
  9. ha thanks. She is coming along quite nicely.
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    Here she is day 10. Sorry for the shitty video quality. I took it on my phone ha

    Btw in case any of you were wondering I have her under four 27w 5500K daylight cfls.

    [ame=]YouTube - Widow. Day 10[/ame]
  11. Nice. Another node or two and you can start LST. Looks nice and green and bushy.

    Keep up the good work man.
  12. lookin good dude! what node is she on? dont forget to top her
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    Ok i think im on node 3. Is this correct?

  14. It looks like it to me but it's kind of hard to tell from that pic. You could probably top it right now, but I would wait for your 4th node.
  15. looks like the 3rd node to me! id go with the 4th or the 5th whatever your feelin works man:)
  16. ok cool. So just a double check. Like see in the pic there at the bottom how on each side there is one leaf comin out from the stem. Both those together = one node correct
  17. Looks good man, keep it up:).
  18. Yes, where it forms a V is considered a node because that's where your new growth will come in (laterals that actually put out bud). Technically each lateral has nodes also but the only ones you should be concerned with are the nodes off the main stalk.
  19. Hey Doom Whats up?

    I would top her right now. No need to wait. The time you are waiting now is time she could use to recover from the topping and start growing at 100% health again. I top all of my plants multiple times for more main sites. Here is a link to one of my current Female White Widow Plants that was topped at first node and then topped every node after for about 2 weeks. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see her many sites.

    You'll end up with a ton of bud sites this way.
  20. I would suggest waiting a few more days before topping/fimming.

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