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  1. k,i dont get pruning.What am i supposed to prune(what leafes)my plants are so bushy i dont know what to take off and what not to.
  2. Cut off the top 3 inches of the centre stem. It will force the branches apart. You can have 2 or more main stems then.
  3. what ive been reading is that your supposed to trim the lower fan leafes to create more air flow..and more light can reach the bottom.Are you talking about topping the plant?Cause i dont wanna do that.or am i just to stoned to understand :)
  4. Cut your centre stem 3 inches from the top. This will force your plant to branch out creating more budsites. As for the lower leaves, leave them on the plant unless they are clearly going to die. These large fan leaves are required for photosynthesis to occur.Personally I don't prune my plants. I just like to grow more of them.
  5. IMHO (because I know soooo many ppl who will disagree and trim the shit out of lower fan leaves to stimulate lateral growth)....

    If the leaf is dead/dieing remove other wise leave it.

    Fan leaves that are clearly on their way out are using more energy than they are generating so they can safely go otherwise they're still "profitable" it photosynthesis terms.

    If the plant didn't need it it wouldn't be there.
  6. If you prune your plant you will get it to divide into 2 or more main stems. However this does not increase the overall weight of the harvested plant. That is why I like to bend my plants instead of prune them,if space is limited.

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