Pruning w/LST vs Leaving it alone (controlled experiment)

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  1. Well here we are once again, trying to justify again my techique again even after showing it done before.

    this time it will be side by side.

    Plants :

    2 x SuperGirls (unknown how they take to pruning.. .advantage is to leave it alone method)

    Equipment/Grow environment:

    Lighting for veg until they need repotting will be under custom made flourescent fixture
    which is two 2ft 2 bulb fixtures 40 watts each bulb for total of 160Watts @ 6500K.

    Both plants are 2 weeks old, and now in 6 inch pots using regular Potting Mix, no special
    soil mixture as i usually use (just to add to the difficulty)

    Each plant will be watered at the same time with the same volume and same nutes. It is agreed that once the a root shows out of the bottom of any plant it will be transplanted as to not slow it down, as well as if one plant requires more watering because it is larger it will be watered extra so it too will not be slowed down, same goes for nutrients, whatever the plant requires for its size it will have, its unfair to either plant to feed it only what the next one requires, but for now they are about the same size so i will feed them the same way until repotted.

    Which will be which.....?
    They are both supergirls and are both 2 weeks old from seedling, i will give the Advantage to the "Leave it alone Method" and give them the Larger plant with Larger leafs (since the leave it alone people feel they are "Solar Panels" and essential to growth)

    Here are the pictures.

    1. Side by Side Picture (Plant 1 is my method, Plant 2 is Leave it alone)
    2. Close up top view of Plant 2
    3. Side view of Plant 2
    4. Close up top view of Plant 1 (prune/lst plant)
    5. Side view of Plant 1 (prune/lst plant)
  2. 1st Update Plant 1 (pruning/LST Method) : Feb 1st 2006

    Will start LST on Plant 1.

    Picture 1 Top view of Wire tiedown LST of Plant 1
    Picture 2 Side View of Wire tiedown LST of Plant 1

    Will not show side by side on this as its the exact same day as previous post.
  3. Picture of the 2 plants under Custom Light hood.
  4. haha I wish my seedlings grew that quickly.
  5. They spent 1 week in rockwool and small tupperear container with growrocks generating roots then 1 week in soil.... Light very close and good non nutted potting soil and not over/underwatering works wonders.
  6. You really neeed to do this with clones for it to be an accurate test...

  7. As usual thc you fail to read exactly what i say, you tend to stop reading once you find something that will work to your advantage, believe i proved that even with clones growth rate can be and will be different regarless if its from seed or from clone.

    I have given the advantage to the leave it alone method by giving that the larger stronger plant, what more do you want?? more light on that plant as well?
  8. Whatever, just finish the test its of interest to me. rep+
  9. What ever you say Dier..Im not here to bicker..Im hear to carry on..Ill even wish you good luck and mean it..Good luck and happy growing to you...:D .
  10. i'm definitely here to watch....and GOOD LUCK 2 ya...GrOw OuT
  11. I just came accross this thread.... Ill be watching as well...
  12. April 2nd Update.

    Ok Plant1 with LST done yesterday has grown out and i had to move the clip forward to keep it down again.

    At the same time i pruned the one fanleaf casting shadow over the new branches that have started.

    Picture 1 : Plant 1 after moving clip forward again and prior to pruning, highlighted is the fanleaf that will be pruned off at the Red mark.

    Picture 2 : Slows Plant 1 in LST with Pruned off leaf marked by Red Arrow, and showing amount of growth on the branches marked in Yellow arrow, you will see differnce between leave it alone in next pics.

    Picture 3 : Just a pick to show proof of leaf being removed.

    Picture 4 : Plant 2 (leave it alone method) Top view today, Fanleafs got little bigger (kind of useless since this is not what you smoke and blocks light from undergrowth to form new branches.

    Picture 5 : Plant 2 Side view, as you can see Nothing changed at the bottom of this plant, really nice if you just like looking at leafs.
  13. Nice.... Very good job of explaining every little detail..... Maybe now Unoit and Tetra can follow this thread and keep there next plants alive with the "Dier Method"... :) :wave:
  14. Update April 5th.

    Ok all i can say is good side growth on the LST/Pruned plant and no side growth on the leave it alone.

    Picture 1 : Plant 1 as it is prior to me moving the LST clip more upwards as it grows out every day, the leaf pointed out i wount prune as i can stop that leaf from blocking light when i move the clip foward. Have been doing this every day as it grows outwards, i will start making the main branch now turn to the right going around the outside edge of the pot.

    Picture 2 : Plant 1 pointing out new side branches that have formed, first set of fanleafs are already out on the side branches and next set of fanleafs starting to come out.

    Picture 3 : Plant 1 after clip being moved forward, and no thats not burned leafs at the bottom, just a really shitty camera.

    Picture 4 : Plant 2 (leave it alone) top view. grew maybe 1/2 inch taller.

    Picture 5 : Plant 2 showing ZERO side branches just emerging fanleafs.

    Plant 1 main branch thickness using Calipers at widest spot 4.82mm
    Plant 2 main branch thickness using Calipers at widest spot 3.17mm
  15. funny thing is, im not doing a damn thing other than watering them to keep them alive, its not rocket science.
  16. great post....shows all the detail...and it will help me tons cause i plan on doing something like this, not to sure about pruning but definitally LST. btw does pruning slow the growth cuz ive read that it slows it down because of shock so it takes a while to recover...i hope thats not true but hey, i dont know. anyways, keep it goin its awesome!
  17. Yeh very funny..maybe thats why the plants havent died yet..

    How about removing all the fan leaves or all the leaves..Lets see what happens then??
  18. looking good. I'm interested to see how this turns out. Another prob with growing from seed though, is how can you be sure they are both female?
  19. how bout you actually read, Oh wait i forgot, sorry.
  20. Hey Dier what kind of string do you use to tie down and can you give an exact measurements from the soil up where you tied the string and how long do you do it for interested on using both your techniques but the LST first pruning later sounds riskey tis my first grow:D

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