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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered. I have some White Russina girls in a ebba nd flow table. I should have waited to start them unitl my flower room was close to being empty, but I messed up. They are about 10-12" tall right now, and it looks like they will need to stay in veg. for at least another 3 weeks, maybe 4. So it seems they are going to turn into monsters in the flower room, and I simply don't have the height with them being on ebb and flow tables. I already pruned the top off them once, first time i've done that.
    So here's the question: Can I do it again? How many times can i top it while it's in veg.? Does it matter how long I wait between pruning? Any other tips would be appreciated.
  2. Try doing lst are the plants all stretched out? that seems kinda tall for still having three to four weeks veg
  3. not at all, they are bushy.
  4. I would fim it then you get 4 tops and lst it a can fim or top as much as you like just make sure they recover before starting can also supercrop it if you like...if you're going to stress it do it all at once
  5. What is supercrop?
  6. Super cropping is breaking the inner vascular tissue without damaging the outer stem. There are some great vids on youtube about it.
  7. you can top your plant endlessly during vegging, it creates two branches at the cut site and is the basis of SCoRG method growing. topping is a great way to maximize bud production because instead of one main cola, there are now two. when topping, the plant goes into shock and will stop growing temporarily. this is best in your case because it will halt growth for a few days before it starts growing again. a plant usually takes 3-4 days or up to a week to come out of shock.

    pruning can be done all the way into early flowering. afterwards the extra shock incurred will slow bud production and postpone harvest time. as a side note: pruning mimics insect attacks during marijuana's vulnerable vegging stage where its subject to spider mite, white fly and other pest infestations. pruning your plant will encourage your plant to produce more THC which is a natural insect repellent. happy growing!

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