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Pruning leaves for more sunlight before harvest

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by durkadurka555, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Is it beneficial to prune leaves that are blocking light from the buds or will it just slow down growth? Im 2 to 3 weeks till harvest.
  2. Your best bet would be to tie them back out of the way with a zip tie or plastic paper clip or something.

    Fan leaves store some of the nutrients and sugars your plant needs if I remember correctly. But then again your so close to harvest it prolly will do little damage to your yield if any.
    This is a controversial subject some ppl say its ok some don't...
  3. Spot on..^^. I bend and twist large shading leaves, never cut em out. NEVER!
  4. The only time I have heard of leaves being pruned on a regular basis(keep in mind, sometimes you have to) is when LSTing. I don't recommend pruning anything unless you absolutely must.
  5. Only thing you prune before harvest is the dying or dead leaves...

    Other then that 2 days before you cut it down cut fan leaves off and give it NO water for a week!!
  6. I'm pretty sure the rule of thumb is -->Only take leaves that are 50% dead or more.

    The leaves definitely are necessary for chlorophyl production, which i think spikes several times during bloom.
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    gac78377129=giving amuture cutting.20 days before havest u can remove all fan leaves/10 befre hrvst can trim off all axis leaves this will alow light to pentatrate helping prvious shaded buds to devolope"the mryjane handbook".Unless dying agree manipulate around removing.Experament 1:Take 2 oposing leafs on main stock cut 1 off see if brnchs devolop same on both and u shall become wise=gravey always congeals.gac
  8. :hello:[gac=floral tapes th sht strechy sticky twists easly ties it. got anything compared/gac]
  9. Trimming of Fan leaves 2 weeks before harvest IM Told will quicken the flushing of the crop & makes a smoother smoke.
    Good Luck Happy Budding
  10. Leaves provide food to the plant, so never trim anything unless they are over 50% dead or are not receiving adequate light to do their job. Remove large fan leaves a few days before harvest, this will help with the drying process.


  11. Can you site a source for this info. Or can anyone else confirm this practice. I can think of reasons why it sounds plausible, but i can also theorize the negative aspects.

    If true, it sounds like something that may help some folks. Smoother smoke equals happier lungs.:D
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    Cutting anything off the plant after 2nd week of flower is NEVER good. I dont care what that book said. This comes from twenty years experience cultivating this healing plant. Bend, tuck, and tie back bothersome leaves. Anytime a wound is created the plant takes energy away from trich production to heal said wound. IMO Much Love.

  13. Thanx Munchies, i have reservations about taking advice that involves invasive techniques, which is why my gut told me it sounded like dull advice. I used to grow a boatload and never clipped leaves that weren't already dead as a general rule of thumb.

    I believe as the plant starts to die, it converts whatever's left in the dying leaves into food for the final resin push. IMO, It's just moving the food from the leaves to the flowers, how could that be a bad thing. Isn't that what would happen without human influence?:wave:
  14. :D[gac=getting answerd correctly.I belive I siad"triming fan leafs 20 days before harvest&all axis leafs at 10 days befor will allow for light to reach lower buds helping them to rippen".Unless I'm mistaken or u misunderstood?Growing Agrilogy Canabanionds=gac+30yr exp in horticulture!!!!!!

  15. No misunderstanding -go figure- i was simply agreeing with Munchies' post.:cool:
  16. Yeah your definatly gonna be better off NOT cutting ANYTHING that late.

    As stated above, your only gonna make the plant take energy to try an heal those cuts.

  17. ive been growing years, everyone has there own opinion. Some agree some disagree.

    Try and see what works for you.

    Me personally, two weeks before harvest i do start pulling leaves off. I tend to start with the yellowing leaves and work my way round. I will never remove all leaves.

    Where ever there is two leaves one either side, just remove one, not both!

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  18. I would like to 2nd tieing the branches. It solves the problem without creating any new ones. I have tied several fan leaves out of the way of buds.
  19. gac38377129==green absorbital chlorophyll?At 1st I cut leafs grn at 1st sign of yellow or damage.Chlorophyll makes for harshness & poor quility leafs that are less then palletable for smoke @ best hash or oil.But u don,t want chlor. in ur oil. Thats what makes it really dark & taste like pipe resin.?So by trm. only lighter colored leaf u end up wht. better lite colored oil? = Harsher smoke were leaf transfers chlor??I personaly have read 1 1979 growers handbook just this summer.It had lots info on what takes place & how plants used,stored,tranferd ,distrobuted&used chlorophyll.But curently I'm agrillafried
    on 190 grain ethanol extracted gelafied canabis=gac

  20. i wish i could understand your post gac, you got so much good info, if only you could put it in writing in a way that was easier to decipher. would cutting leaves right before harvest, like a few days help with the plant having less chloraphyl so when it dries it a smoother smoke? i live in a real dry arid climate and im about to dry and just dont want harsh smoke if it dries too fast. any tips on drying in this type of climate? also I plan to try a small amount with a water cure to take out the chlor and make a clean smooth smoke.

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