Pruning, last weeks of flower

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Chronicgrowbox, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi GC, i was just wondering when the best time to prune all the fan leaves before harvest. Is it best to prune leaves in the last week of flower? Or do you wait until its completely ripe and ready for chop? Im only wondering because i believe it might help the buds to become bigger and more swelled. Whats your thoughts and opinions? Thanks.

    By the way, my plant is an auto flower , samsara thunder bloody mary, mostly indica. Posted grow time is 65-75 days from seed, and the plant is around 70 days old.
  2. I just prune throughout the flowering cycle... I don't take too much off the plant unless the leaves are blocking bud sites or if they are yellowing off anyway. But I dont' do it all at once, i just prune a few here and a few there as I go.
  3. True enough. I have an autoflower, so i dont want to stress her out too much and slow growth. But some leaves are turning so i may prune them as they start turning and leave the healthy leaves. The plant i think has a couple weeks left anyway so a little pruning might help.

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