Pruning first grow - Do I prune or not?

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  1. Okay, so I'm in the Beginners Section with a true beginners question! When I've seen folks grow outside, they prune the big fan leaves off the plants. Mine, being grown indoors, are getting some really HUGE fan leaves...some the size of my hand! Should I be pruning these off? I apologize if I'm asking a question that has been answered previously, but sorting through all of the posts is giving me a headache! Lost a great guy that I was following on another forum, he says there's too much mis-information out there. Too bad really, he was a botanist and has been studying the growth habits of MMJ for a few years. Anyway, my question remains! Should I be pruning the big fan leaves from these girls? Thanks all!  

  2. What part of the plant produces energy for bud growth?   There's your answer
  3. I say no. at least not on the first grow. Defoilation is an advanced growing technique, a good bit of knowledge is required to use it successfully.Best to let them do their thing naturally for a couple of grows while you gain some of that knowledge.If you have a damaged or yellowing leaf pinch it off if you want to, removing one here and there will not hurt.Good luck bro, I hope you do well.Mj
  4. Using LST well into flower to keep the canopy wide and exposed has so far given me the best results.
  5. Dont take any fan leaves of! Only when there yellowed and you can just pull it off with not much force with your hand.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input on the pruning! Will leave it to mother nature and let them fall off and I will remove dead leaves where possible. Now I have to tell on myself! I was going crazy trying to keep my flowering room at the proper temp! I have been using a digital indoor/outdoor hygrometer to measure environment. Had it hanging on the outside of the flowering room so I could see the numbers without disturbing any of the girls. Every day it was hotter than the day before! First day was 87, next couple of days in the 90's. Last day was over 100! What was I doing wrong? I ramped up the filter to full speed as well as all fans to try and cool it down with NO luck! I stood there looking at the silly thing like it would do something on it's own until I realized I had been my own undoing! I had draped the sensor wire through a hole in the metal bar my lights are attached to and hung down to the canopy for what I figured would be most accurate. Not so much! I realized that the WIRE for the sensor was resting on the flex tubing and it was giving a false reading, since the temps were being picked up by the wire rather than the sensor itself! Rearranged the wire and VIOLA! Temp went down to 76 and remains there! My goodness! KISS! Lesson learned there!
  7. Whenever i get toward the one month mark in flower i like to wrap some bigger fan leaves that are blocking light to prime bud sites with a small rubber band. I jus fold up the fan leaf like a little chinese fan and put a rubber band on it to hold it closed. I found this to be a nice alternative to cutting fan leaves since the rubber bands don't harm the plants, and I'm able to open up some light spots when needed. Works for me.

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