Pruning budsites early flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Motocole85, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Ive been 12/12 for almost a week. Was wondering if I start pucking budsites that I don't think will make it to the top, will this further stunt the plant?
  2. I know there are many that would disagree, but ripping bits off your plant is not going to help.
    It throws the plant into a survival mode and it puts its energy into healing the damage.
    Anyone who tops knows that the plant pauses for a time after... In some cases, where height is an issue, topping makes sense. But if you want nice, impressive colas, don't rip bits off your plant.

    4 plants, 12.5 oz dried.
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  3. I'm not great at this yet but that does not seem like very much off 4 plants I think a half pound is easily accomplished with 4 plants and train. But with that said it looks like you are getting good nugs and you have a very nice garden.
  4. It is pretty easy to pull those numbers if you have the space. Admittedly, my harvest was early due to the one I was growing for was not wanting couchlock weed. There are many factors involved and tweaking for max yield demands that other factors are reduced or changed.
    In the end, it is more personal preferences and available resources that determine final output. Many would give up a bit of weight for a tailored cannabinoid profile.
    For any first timer, I really stress NOT pushing the limits for ultimate output, but rather, on precision and method to obtain a AAA harvest. Big weight comes later.
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  5. Very impressive effort there; any further details such as overall time involved (veg/flower) and lighting used would be appreciated.
  6. Here is a plant I just did defoliation on and a hater pic from a few hours later.
    20190717_090505.jpg 20190717_191022.jpg
  7. I agree with my man fred though if this is you first grow you should grow a plant out natural to see how they develop and what to expect so you can train properly when you do.
  8. PIC_0593-2.JPG PIC_0624-2.JPG
    The harvest day pic posted earlier is March 24
    Being that I harvested early, the colas really didn't even start to fill out.

    Flood and drain
    Hydroton medium (be careful with this stuff... It will kill your pH stability if it isn't properly conditioned)
    Supernatural Brand Bloom Aqua one part powdered nutrients, phosphoric acid (ph down, used sparingly)
    1000W HPS (actually, too much light for the space 4' x 5' x 8')
    RO bottled water ( from the vending machine at Safeway)
    650 cfm exhaust to outside, no intake fan (I maintain negative pressure in my room to keep the odor out of the house.)
    Passive intake vent from outside.

    Not sure what other info you may want.
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  9. Popcorn, I do think they will be ok, though they do show signs of massive stress.
    At this point, since there isn't any other issue presenting, about all you can do is treat them nice....
    Tell them how pretty they are, read them poetry, make them feel special. Whatever you can do to reduce the stress. They are coming into a critical time and if they go into flower all stressed out, the chance of a hermie is greatly increased.
  10. @Fred_the _Plumber had just over 3/4 of a pound and that is a good number for that setup. Nice looking plants
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  11. I'm a retard 12 oz is deffinatly more than a half pound. Lol thanks third run finally starting to get it, the major change was switching to coco coir but I am getting the soil down to after one overeatered run and one underwater run. Lol
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  12. What do you guys think? Theyr under 1000w hps. Hoping I can pull 2 pounds total from all 6 plants combined.
    20190718_073436.jpg 20190719_010208.jpg
  13. I really hope you do..
    Realistically, I wonder if your pots are going to cause issues?
    There are a lot of things to look at here, but basically, the plants are going to grow to what the roots can support. I have grown some pretty large plants in really small pots, but it was quite a dance keeping things in balance.
    You have the light, you have the space... Only thing I can see that would get in the way would be the root/nutrient interface. If one goes up, the other can go down... Meaning, if you have awesome nutrients, you don't need much root.

    Looking forward to watching this one.
  14. Why would my pots cause issues? They are 5 gal standard fabric pots. And I'm running the entire GH lineup. Hopefully I can hit my goal. I'm wondering how big these girls are gonna get vertically
  15. Yeah those pots are fine, same size I use indoors. They will get as tall as you let them. I think 4 oz/plant is about what you'll get.
  16. Well they are tied down and a week in flowering. So wasnt sure how much stretch I'd get. But I'm hoping for 1gpw. That's my goal. I'd be happy with 4oz per plant but hoping for a bit more so I can hit my.goal!
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