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    This plant came from bag seed. Its at 4 weeks flower. Just started with Beastie Bloomz. Added the Mylar today to increase light. She is about 20 inches. She was 16 inches when I started flowering. I fimmed her at 5 weeks veg and went to 8 weeks veg before flipping the lights to 12/12. She has 4 nice colas up top.

    My question is should I leave her be or should I start pruning back the bigger shade leaves leaving only newer shade leaves and those close to the colas? I hear some people say dont do it because it will stress the plant, and I hear others say that they want to get as much light as possible to the bud sites.

    Any gueses at strain would be interesting.

    Here soem pics...

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  2. Well, I'm in the camp that says don't trim your fan leaves. So my vote would be no. :)
  3. all those leaves are converting the light into energy to grow your girls nice and big... so no let em grow and die off on their own
  4. I will leave her be. Thx for the input.

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