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  1. Ok, This is my question. I have a 4x4 area and I'm growing 7, 2 foot plants.
    I have a single 600W HPS.

    Is it better to spread the plants out over the 4x4 foot area, or place them close together directly under the light?

    Also, I have an adjustable hood allowing you to raise and lower the bulb outlet within the hood. What is this for and where should mine be do to my situation?

  2. Depending on the size and shape of your light hood will determine the size and shape of the light hood`s foot print. Foot print is the area below the light where plants get the maximum amount of light. Some light hood manufacturers give the info on the light hoods foot print. Try looking yours up for the info. The farther you get away from the foot print the weaker the light is. Now in a 4X4 tent if you have a good size light hood you should be able to use the whole tent instead of cramming them in close together. Link below is the new light hood I got for our flower room.

    8 Raptor Reflector- NO SHIPPING OFFERED - $174.99 : Good Nature Garden Supply, The Art of Hydroponics
  3. Well, you can tell that the light isnt reaching the far corners of the tent. I can raise the light to fit all the plants, or I can bring them closer together.
  4. What kind of light hood do you have in the tent? If its not reaching the outer corners then move them in a little closure untill their getting good light coverage.

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