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provisional member prop

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by vostok, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. in order to assit newer members and perhaps reduce the amount of trash ICGreen removes

    I'm for proposing provisional membership say up to the first 10 likes or equlivent

    not the number of posts like other sites ..thats often abused

    so when a member signs up at gc he may have a star or similar on his avatur

    this is to signfy to established members that indeed he is new

    without diving into his profile

    as he is new we could assume his knowledge of weed is low (often the case)

    reminding us to take time advising this member

    I also say this that since legalisation we have had a tidel wave

    of ignorance come to GC again to be expected

    where as you may note posting just 1-2 cell phone photos

    with a brief question in the heading just ain't good enough

    and often the same question have been asked many many many times before

    consider tx
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  2. Thanks for the input. LK and discussed a plan that he came up with that won't go live until summer. However, it might alleviate some of what you are talking about.
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