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Prove that you need it?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kraiz, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. does ne one have any advice on how to prove your need of medical marijuana? I mean i dont technically NEED it, but it helps my ADHD (adderal made me suicidal) helps my insomnia (all other sleep aids make me groggy when i wake up) and helps my depression (anti depression meds make me feel really weird). is this enough to prove to a jury? cause in maryland, you have to prove you need it as a defense in court if you get caught with weed.

  2. It's different for every state. Some doctors will basically just "sell you" one, it depends on the doctor really. Just explain to your doc why cannabis helps u, he will most likely prescribe u if your reason is good.
  3. well in Maryland you cant get prescribed. Basically, if you can prove that you medically need weed in court AFTER you have been caught you get off with a maximum fine of $100.
  4. maybe if you brought in old RX bottles for your ADHD/depression and explained that u no longer take these RX cause uve found marijuana? or maybe have a dr write a note?
  5. Are you in court? Trying to get a reduced $100 fine?
  6. not yet :-X haha. hopefully never but i wanna be ready if i ever am.
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    The doctor who prescribed and later removed you from the adderal is who you need to talk to. I am assuming that he knows about your suicidal thoughts and he removed you from the meds. Get him to give you a copy of your medical records (best) or a note explaining why he removed you from the drug (it will do). You could say that the note is for your next doctor- so he'll know you should avoid that class of drug (and give you your rec! lol). A note from any psychologist saying the same would work. "I strongly recommend that _____ not use products such as Adderal since they may cause suicidal thoughts in him."

    Doesn't even have to have the word marijuana in it! Just show that you have a serious side effect from that type of drugs- you're "just too scared to try another one, because this time you might actually do it!" :eek: And then you found a safe, effective herbal substitute! :hello: MMJ! Hallelujah! Medical necessity! :D

    Put the records in a safe place. They are your proof! Read up on the laws in your state. Read this- it's interesting, your lawyer (if you ever have one) might like it too.-

    -Granny :wave:

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