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Prove me wrong.

Discussion in 'General' started by frost4, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. What about fire?
    That one is a tricky one, because humans could not discover it until they created it, right? Unless they came across a fire that started on its own. But in most cases, you do have to create fire
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    From my understanding, early humans discovered fire from lightning. They did not just say, hey maybe if I rub these two sticks together, something magical will happen.

    EDIT: And from then, they had to discover how to make it appear again.
  3. does an artist discover a painting? or create it?
  4. The art thing is still boggling my mind.

    Lets take a drawing for instance. All the colors, the shading and all that, has always been there, but the artist needs the skills to create it.
    That ones messing up my thought process.
  5. he discovers a new part of his imagination?

  6. I mean if art started as some caveman painting something on a cave wall with the blood of some freshly slaughtered animal or some smushed up plants, then he obviously created art while discovering materials that can be used for art.
  7. But bringing something into existance is creating, is it not?

    Even if materials to create something have always been here, it's still creating.

    This is just my opinion though.

  8. So the artist discovers the combination of colors and shades to create the image they want? I dk, seems like a stretch for me. That point seems valid for not natural things being discovered tho, in the sense that we find the right components and combinations to create things like computers and cars etc. It took alot of intelligence and creativity to figure out how to create a car but essentially all the elements were there and the formula was just waiting to be discovered? I dk im rambling haha cool thot doode
  9. no one will see this as it is on the second page but we can create as much as we discoer, just not in physical form
  10. We are creators of ideas, and our physical form is how we take these ideas from just what they are, an idea, and manifest it into its realized state of being, reality, whether through bloody struggle lasting many years, or the swift movement of a pen as it inks an author's ideas down, still to be read generations later.
  11. did we create discovery or discover creativity?
  12. "You can never truly make a apple pie from scratch, you would first have to create the universe" :smoking:
  13. Humans create every day. You could never discover the iPhone until someone created it. We created everything.
  14. The large hadron collider would like a word with you.

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