Prove me wrong.

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  1. I'd like to see someone prove this statement false.

    We as humans don't create, we only discover.
    Meaning that everything is already there, we just have to find out how to make it appear.
  2. we also morph
  3. We create life.
  4. My parents didn't discover me one night.... they created me
  5. did u discover that post you wrote or create it?
  6. I get it i really do we just have to put the jig saw together, :eek: and then that's when it's over that's when we have discovered all the secrets and completed the puzzle were finished :eek: we will die out THAT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE I HAVE DISCOVERED THE MEANING OF LIKE OH FUCK I GOTTA GET TO THE BAT MOBILE
  7. Darn. Didn't think about that.

    But what about everything else that's not life.
  8. I mean I guess, but that's a shitty argument. Sure all the metal and plastics and what not we need for say a car are all in the environment, but we create that car. Just like all the ingredients for a cake are found in nature but sadly there aren't any cake trees, you create that cake. So yea I mean the primary ingredients are here, just gotta synthesize chemicals in a certain way to create shit.
  9. I'm sure every artist ever appreciates you belittling their efforts.
  10. Touche.
    I discovered it in my brain :)

  11. What about art?
  12. Everything that is not natural is created. Like this computer I am typing on would never have occured into nature. Something had to cause it to come into existence.
  13. We create what we discover
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    we create the concept of discovery
  15. I think I just shit my pants with intellect.
  16. I believe it has always been there, just not yet discovered. All the atoms and the plastic and the screens have been there, we just need to discover how to bring it to existance.
  17. Some things are genuine discoveries and somethings are just pantomimes of other discoveries.

    I just disagreed and agreed with the OP simultaneously.

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