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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by JokerSmoker, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I have this quote i made up one day, that i have not been able to prove false, plus its badass, tell me what you guys think, can i be proven wrong?

    "It is ALWAYS easier to destroy than it is to create."

  2. Yeah, it is pretty right. Though! It is easier to create a flame then it is to destroy a house. You can even use that flame to destroy the house. lol, j/k man. :D
  3. IMO, it is easier to destroy than create, but what you get out of destroying is oh so much more fleeting (the important note is that it is happening NOW, not in long term perspective) compared to creating something. And I think that much is relative, because I do not know many people who think in long term objectives.

    That being said, I don't like the term easier because it's not another human concept relative to the amount of work one "has" to do to accomplish at that point. It's because of the destructive nature man has so painted on it's canvas that one feels it is easier to destroy. If people were to switch perspectives and becoming more creative, then one day soon enough it would be seen as easier to create than destroy.
  4. what if its energy, cant really create or destroy that stuff

    but ya in general destroying is easier than creating,
  5. Since every act of creation is also an act of destruction, and every act of destruction is an act of creation, the term 'easier" is the only variable, and it is subjective. The statement is therefore flawed, since a subjective answer would be imbalanced.

    I will re-phrase it this way...

    It is usually faster to destroy than to create.

    But who needs speed?
  6. its equally as easy to destroy as it is to create
  7. i disagree. if destroying wasnt so much easier than creating, then humanity wouldnt be in the mess it is today.
  8. Can anything be created or destroyed? Or did it always exist, but simply change form?

    For instance, the laws of conservation of mass/matter and energy...
  9. You beat me to it! LOL

    When you destroy something, you're merely changing it's form, not actually destroying it... So really -- What is destruction but another form of creation? :D
  10. yeah, so...true.....

    I love this quote, it gets great stoner debates going amongst my friends in real life too.:smoke:

  11. Very good post Al, you definitely know what you are talking about!

    Also CT and Cottons got the big picture in clear view! :D
  12. humanity created this mess :D

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