Prove me wrong ... Again.

Discussion in 'General' started by frost4, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. If you can put cheese on it, you can put hot sauce on it.
    (With the exeption of gormet salads.)
  2. Hot sauce on ritz crackers? Probably not.
  3. do you put hot sauce on chicken alfredo?
  4. Tobasco works on chicken alfrado, and crackers.

  5. I'm ashamed to say that i've put taco bell mild sauce on ritz crackers before
  6. well its out of the ordinary...basically your asking us to find a food YOU wont put hot sauce on that you would put cheese on. I refuse to play this game.
  7. Cheese....


    put hot sauce on that n milk it then we can talk.....:cool:

  8. Fuck yes, hot sauce and Italian food go hand in hand lol even with alfredo sauce

    Though i will say, cream cheese danish + hot sauce isnt part of my palate lol
  9. Melted cheese on toast. Equally goes well with worcester sauce. :yummy:

  10. id imagine the only way i could eat cheese on toast is with hot sauce.
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    You must've been hungry, man... No shame in it, no shame at all.

    No hot sauce on... Bagels? Shit dude, idk, I put louisiana hot sauce on damn near everything except crackers! Lol
  12. you can mix any food with any other food? wont turn out great, but you can do it.
  13. Or marmite.

  14. never had it. what is it, some type of jelly from the 30s?
  15. Frank's RedHot and Sriracha. Both go well with anything and anything.

  16. You just proved yourself wrong. You cant make exceptions like that!!
  17. My rule, my exceptions! :p
  18. i can put hot sauce on damn near anything and it'll taste better to me, can't prove you wrong sir i agree
  19. Cheesecake

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