Prove Me Wrong (Act III: Zombie Horses of the Apocalypse)

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    The claim:
    Somewhere, outside of this universe we know, there is a stone that prevents gods from existing. I have said it, and I propose it is true. The stone speaks to me, and says "I prevent gods from existing in the past, present, and future." This revelation was delivered to me personally, because I am important. This is my proof that there are no gods. If you disagree, you must prove that this stone can not exist.

    The problem:
    If you are right, presenting a proof will immediately invalidate your claim. If this stone does not exist, then you can find no proof or it positive or negative and if it does exist, then you must realize that there is no point in proving it doesn't exist. In order to know that this stone hasn't existed and will never exist, you must live past the end of the universe. This stone cancels all existence of gods, and if you will prove it never existed then you must be able to view all of history like a god yourself... which is impossible, because the god-preventing stone exists... I just said so.

    If you claim that your god is real, then I require you to prove that this stone does not exist.

    * Please understand: I am proposing a thought experiment, not any kind of dogma.
  2. I think you got wayy too baked blowfish, I'm pretty sure what you said can't be refuted based on all the proofs given.. haha
  3. i think the young one is onto my game...

    still, i can foresee some challenges that might be interesting.

  4. Anyone who tries to offer a counter argument against it will just put their brain in a knot lol good job :D
  5. we shall see. i am hopeful for those who will try
  6. interesting haha

    can something more powerful than a god be considered a god itself?

    could a god exist outside of time? perhaps before time and before the stone was created

    wow, as melon-scratchers go that's a honey-doodle.

  7. I too await the brave young warrior who hails from a small village in the southern penisula with a good head on his shoulders and a heart full of courage to slay the leviatian of a philisophical post you have presented :smoke:
  8. i think mental is onto something, but it is not something that would help those who want to believe in gods... it'll be interesting to see what develops
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    I'm not entirely sure how your stone could prevent god from existing, given the qualities we assume god would hold.

    For your stone to exist, god would have had to create it, and if god does not exist, neither does your stone.

    Your stone could not prevent god, for he would have been the essence of everything, and the essence of everything would not prevent itself from existing by creating such a stone.

    If your stone exists, it has no influence over god.

    If god exists, your stone is nothing but a stone.
  10. "if god is allpowerfull , can he make a rock so heavy that he can't lift it ? " problem ?
    regarding op : the stone is god , all it's characteristics are gods characteristics.
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    In order for these assumptions to be valid, you'll have to prove that the stone never exists.

    That's another assumption. Before we can make that assumption, we must prove that this stone cannot exist.

    ^ this adorable pothead has stumbled on a problem... a serious one... but because the stone spoke to me, i am going to ignore it until someone can prove the stone doesn't exist. it is not a god, it is only a rule preventing gods. think of it like the rule that holds you to the Earth...
  12. I'm not questioning your belief in the stone. In fact, I'll assume such a stone exists, and it has spoken to you.

    I'm proposing that such stone is lying to you. It does not hold the power to prevent omnipotence. Omnipotence might or might not exist, but no stone could ever stop it.
  13. I've made the same claim to people. And yet they insist I prove that the stone does not exist.
  14. the stone is a god, it cannot exist because the stone exists. they cancel each other out and we all go to whataburger for lunch

  15. :D before you posted tho
  16. haha I like this thread, even though I'm rather ripped right now I'll give it a shot :smoke:

    If you claim for the stone to exist, then you must predict what in our reality this stone can effect, unless you claim this stone has no effect or interventions on our reality then it would be quite impossible to prove or disprove it.

    What evidence do you have for this stone to exist other than it told you it existed?
  17. it exists outside of reality, but it spoke to me so clearly it has an influence on our reality.

    since this is true, i reject your question asking for proof... it exists outside of reality, i won't prove something exists that doesn't really exist according to the natural rules. the burden is on you to prove it can't exist.
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    so the stone's life is has no begining and no end.if it had a begining then the question "what about the pre-stone period ? did any gods exist befor the stone ? " and if it has a expiration date then the question "if the stone ends it's existance , will any gods appear ? " pops out => thus having the characteristics of a god.
    but the rock prevents the existance of gods therefor it must prevent it's existange
    blowfish your quite a stoner lol

    LE : the stone knows the notion of "god" therefor it must have had a past experience of it so that it can know what to prevent from existing => thus making it's claim false . if the stone didn't had a experience with a god befor, then it had to be "programed" by something/someone to have this task of preventing any gods existance , but this leads us to the question "who created the stone ? "
  19. bah your technicality

    alright well where did the concept of a god come from if the stones job is to stop gods from existing? since it does have a conscious it would have to come up with the idea itself, unless it was created, and since it has been existing since the beginning it there could be no other way for it to exist with these preconceived notions unless something put it there other than itself before time. only a sort of god can do that

    oh god i suddenly feel like i'm trying to argue gods existence using that fine tuned theory thing

    explain more this outside of reality
  20. Well then to me it sounds like a purely subjective experience that was only experienced inside ones own mind. Schizophrenia possibly? lol

    If you can provide evidence pointing towards this stone, then yes I may believe you in the stone's existence, but since you refuse to support your own theory then I guess your on your own with this one haha

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